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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by Spring, Jul 26, 2020.

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  1. All I'm gonna say is that if you want to say I am em abusing for attempting to calm everyone down as my officer while no one was doing anything at all, then I'm guilty. Not once was there a staff sit for any rdm that occurred, no matter the type of rdm.

    No one did staff sits, and let it go out of control. I was the only person with powers to do something with my partial event to contain it and I'm being punished for it. Do you see how that is wrong? It's focused on the person who believe it or not, did an event midway through the fail rp riot in the medical bay. The person who killed 5 people as a terrorist character, while dozens upon dozens of rdm occurred.

    The person that even during lockdown, people were rdming so I try to de escalate the situation with an event character using a fear factor.

    So I say again, communication was in the wrong on both sides. I didn't communicate my fear factor to staff and Em's, but I didn't receive any warning from anyone as colonel Hoffman, yet I received alot of responses in character from the people.
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  2. more smooth brain ban reasons for the record
  3. I think punishment was warranted for these actions, however I have a solution if Spring is up for it. While many of the staff have been deliberating back and forth on our opinions regarding the extent of your punishment, I thought of a solution that may meet a middle ground for both sides of the argument.

    We either

    A: Let you sit out the two week ban and continue on as before

    B: Unban you now and add a strike to your record, therefore giving us a precedent to act on if you repeat this type of offense.

    As a TMOD I can only suggest these solutions and let @Resh make the final call, however I think this to be a fair solution.

    Happy to entertain counterarguments.
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  4. This is the best option at the moment given the mess surrounding this ban.

    Set the precedent now and use that precedent to make better decisions in the future. The server has had a shocking lack of precedent after Mustang's departure for the military, confusing and dividing the playerbase when it comes to issues like these (look back to Vovido's ban for a good example, though this is far from the only instance).

    The lack of precedence has made the staff team and rule enforcement wildly inconsistent.

    Direction and boundaries need to be given to not only the staff team, but as well the EM team.

    Spring definitely abused his powers as an EM, as Squeaky explained on this thread, and I hope there is no doubt about that as of now. Spring himself did not believe what he was doing to be abuse, something that in my mind speaks less to Spring's judgement and speaks more to a lack of coherence when it comes to these kinds of matters. This is all not to excuse the staff team's terrible handling of the situation, as their initial inaction let the situation spiral out of control quickly. The staff team has an odd pattern relating to this very problem, as many staff seem reluctant to resolve issues on the server, so they wait until said problem blows out of proportion and right into their faces. I'm not sure if this is due to being lazy or if it is due to being anxious towards enforcing the rules. Whatever the case may be, it makes the staff team look incompetent. I'm sure that this very issue was reported with the staff evaluation forms Hector did a while ago, but it is astonishing that this has not been corrected yet.

    Learn from this and build a better staff team.

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  5. While I understand what you are trying to get at by saying we look incompetent when we handle each situation with a different way. One of the major things we look at when issuing a ban is the intent of the person, Like Did they mean for it to go this way? With Spring's ban in his attempt to draw attention away from the crux of the matter which was the riot outside of Medbay he ultimately ended up stoking the dying inferno that was that situation into a full blown forest fire. Alongside the lack of communication with staff it just looked like honest-to-god abuse on his end. Alongside that, from my understanding when either an Event-master or and Staff member has checked the sign-in sheet there was no such Spring event slot at that time. So there was honest confusion on whether he was doing an event or just outright abusing his power.

    As for the situation regarding how Staff hadn't stepped in to stop the insanity, from my understanding(As I had gone AFK to walk my dogs and eat dinner at the time.) Jeremy, one of the many staff available at the time was in the process of de-escalating the situation in character as he viewed it as a IC situation, Rather than an OOC situation. Which in my opinion is a fair assessment considering how everyone was acting. Now I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I do believe the situation regarding punishment for RDM should have been handled better, As 501st Dakka had thrown a grenade and killed a load of shock, and alongside that Valerian during the initial stages of the Riot where he had slaughtered 501st. I had hoped in those situations it could be handled IC rather than having to take it out of character and punish them with warns and bans.

    Perhaps I was a bit too hopeful in those circumstances.
  6. I can accept and improve for the future. Whatever resh gives as punishment for my position i can also handle.

    But I also agree with Theseus and lutpugs 2nd choice seeing squeaky and many others side.

    Even if I can't accept the abuse from my pov, it shows a great many that others saw it as such. There's nothing else I can say other than I will improve in the future and the same mistake won't happen ever again.
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  7. +1 unban this boy already!
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  8. 3 more days babyyy
  9. This was honestly one of the most hardest ban appeals I've had to look at.
    Solely because there are so many sides to this story.
    But overall I think the past is the past, and this is one of the most confusing ban appeals I've had to look into, but I think you learned your lesson

    Have Amatex unban you.
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