squeaky does too many events

Discussion in 'Staff Commendations' started by Caesar, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. honestly, im pretty sure squeaky has done the most events out of the EM team, when nobody books anything, squeaky usually does an event, so we dont have to wait at the venator for hours.

    Like one day squeaky was the ONLY one that hosted events, and he did like 4 in one day, so i really appreciate him for stepping up and filling in events
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  2. I have to agree with this, lately I've only seen Squeaky doing events. Although, some of the maps that he uses aren't in the map pack, so I can't join the event.
  3. with that issue just go ahead and go to the workshop and download it it should only take like 1 minute tops
  4. I looked all over for them. I could never find them.
  5. if it ends in a .(something) don’t add that to the search
  6. I just type up the map name.
  7. we also had this problem a while ago with lost
    also sounds like we could use some more EMs if only one person is doing events.
  8. Yeah.
  9. I agree, Squeaky has been doing a great job.
  10. Squeaky be good but I dont think we need many more Em's Just theres a few on loa atm and Squeaky is a uk boi so he > than american ems
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  11. Squeaky is ridiculous man, props to him.
  12. I wish I could do more than 2 events without giving up
  13. squeakys a guy , wtf
  14. EMs more like lazy bones
  15. i think the sheer amount of events squeaky does without giving up and not having any notoriously terrible ones is an achievement

    except roy jr
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  16. on god
  17. jah
  18. However to be far he does the best naval combat events in my opinion for me acapella I don't like not because of the way he does it but we always exit it so close to destruction
  19. o7
    thank you hard carry
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