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Should Artis be a Staff member? Yes or NO

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  1. Steam Name: YoungFool[iG]
    SteamID: (Find this by typing status in console, or copy + pasting your Steam profile URL int o Example: STEAM_0:0:192098763
    Hours played on the server: (You must have at least 100 hours or more on this server, or else your application will be declined) 638 hours
    What is your age? 17
    Do you have previous experience as a staff member on other servers?
    Yes I have had some but not a huge amount of experience.
    What attributes can you bring to our server?
    I can bring the simple fact of helping out players with whitelist or common needs of the troopers/naval/jedi.
    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server?
    I do believe so as I do not have recent or a lot of warns plus I can take the game serious when need be.
    Will you be active on our server?
    I have been active on the server for awhile now actually getting on everyday I feel I can. I will be active if needed and will try my best even on LOA's.
    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems?
    I have a Mic yes and hope to solve problems in a orderly fashion.
    Do you know all the rules for the server?
    I am well aware of the basic rules involving most troopers/ naval/ jedi but sure I do not know everyone yet. If I don't I will try my best to improve in doing so in a short amount of time.
    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server?
    I am not sure what the community's thoughts are on me. I am sure that most can see me get into a serious phase when I need to. I think the community would be fine with my position I would be taking on.
    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?
    2016 I had a warn for mic spam on the server from Gary due to my early stages of playing where I did not know you could play music near the mic. I will take full reasonability for it as I did play music to close to the mic. 2017 was a temp ban warn for an hour due to multiple troopers getting killed in the field which they thought It was me that was killing them. When I was just taking out droids just to figure out I got banned all the sudden, either way I guess I may have killed a friendly droid I wasn't supposed to so I will take reasonability for that.
    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words) I feel that I can keep a serious need of staff as I am when I either need to be, or just randomly with be during rp. I feel it is important to be somewhat dedicated to what your playing in a sense that only your having fun, but needed to be counted on in certain situations. I am not saying I would be the one to count on always at all, but that one extra person to help out if needed or wanted. I feel I would have my place on the field as one for extra help because the system set so far is good by all standards. I just feel I would impact those we who are not able to be present I can try my best to help out with what they needed to get done. The servers constant fanbase is important and I would like to help make sure it stays where it is by the little things I will try my best to provide. That is why I want you to consider what i'm putting out here today, and I would also like to thank you for your time to read this.
    From Artis
  2. No i'm dirty dan

    (ill give an actual response tmw)
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  3. Bro real Artus vs Fake Artis smh
  4. you lied to us smh

    Okay here's some more serious comments to the app.

    Lack of spacing between questions makes it a tad more difficult to read.

    There's also a couple of grammar errors in the app, which tells me that either 1. Your skills with grammar aren't top notch or 2. You wrote this app relatively quickly or didn't look back for editting/proofreading. That doesn't personally bother me, but we've denied people for poor grammar/spelling in the past.

    oh and Resh, he's pretty active but that's difficult to track given he's had a handful of name changes if you're curious[iG]/[Artis]/[iG][Artis]/

    Altogether, I'm neutral.
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    hecc you


    IMO, your activity is low because I haven't seen you that much this past week or so. Another thing is I really don't know you that well to give an actual opinion so try to be more active especially since you have a staff app up and running. (there can only be 1 staff named "Artist"/"artus", smh)

    Once I get to know you more ill give a more in-depth reply but other than that, that's all I got to say

    (Nvm disregard what I said, I didn’t know you were Glisten)

    so uh NEUTRAL
  6. This is gunna sound rude but do you still play
  7. i do
  8. The fake artis doesn’t anymore
  9. then denied
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