The Current State of the Jedi Order, My Opinions

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  1. I am going to revive this part of my thread because at this point I am just going to move into into "The Bad" section. Everyone who was in Resh's event last night learned that apparently most Jedi don't even KNOW how to Roleplay correctly. We had Jedi choosing clones to kill over themselves, Jedi killing fellow Jedi instead of dying themselves, it was a fucking mess. I left before I could see if any punishments were handed out for this but I can't see how these things should of happened in the first place. Considering all Jedi who were put in these places were Knight and above they should of been taught to put others over themselves at the Padawan stage.

    Idk. I just think that Jedi need to step up their game with Roleplay because it's starting to get very irritating.
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  2. I wasn't there last night but heard stuff happening in TS3 during the event. That also reminds me of one Jedi that was a Trainee that was very annoying named Mykun that ruined parts of an event by killing an entire village of civilians, didn't obey PTS, and killed people for no reason and who were just near the door to the Jedi room. A question to Jedi: What do you do with Trainees?
  3. from my knowledge they are kept in the trainee/youngling phase for 1-2 weeks to prove that they can co-operate with other players and show that they will participate and RP.

    I don't know what happens with disruptive trainees since I'm an initiate so somebody with more experience in a master role will need to answer about that part.
  4. The Trainee phase of the Jedi Order is for the Masters, Knights, and Others to see how the act in Jedi and how they RP, Trainees are the base rank of Jedi and is the most populated, due to lots of trainees not making it past, and not being promoted, either due to their mingery or inactivity. Trainees who are mingy are booted from the order if the case is severe, however if not they get one strike Once a trainee has two strikes they are booted from the order. As Masters do not have eyes on the backs of their head, and are not on 24/7 if you report a Trainee or Initiate being mingy or even a Knight, report it, the Masters will look at it and see if it was true or not, and if its a bad case, they could get booted, or demoted.
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  5. I once again agree, but I just want it to be clear that punishments were given. As Saint said, the masters can’t see everything, but the things that are seen are dealt with accordingly.
  6. +1
    doesn't help when some people let it off with a slap on the wrist
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  7. We doing this shit again?
  8. Hecc yeah dude. Much of this stuff needs to be addressed as opposed to discord flamewars
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  9. just become a sith
    it's guaranteed to fix it
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I wouldn't call shitposting two meme images a civil discussion. If your going to revive a discussion do it properly with more to add to that discussion instead of expecting people to just continue the discussion that they already ended.

    tbh a new thread is always preferable than reviving a dead one
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  12. What is there to add? Almost all the issues in my two posts on this thread are still huge issues after 2 months. I am not going to spend time making a new post just rewording everything said here when I can just bump it.
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  13. Finally! A hat that fits Zhidus!
    nah but for real zhidus put alot of effort into this post, and it still mostly applies. I'd argue that some topics apply even more than before. And cole u should know shitposting is the way of the server.

    plus this thread was alot more civilized than fires thread. fires jedi thread was a dumpster fire thrown into a landfill. plus i'd say the conversation never really ended, it was just forgotten about.

    remove all jedi masters and make blyatman grandmaster
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    "Everyone who was in Resh's event last night learned that apparently most Jedi don't even KNOW how to Roleplay correctly. We had Jedi choosing clones to kill over themselves, Jedi killing fellow Jedi instead of dying themselves, it was a fucking mess."


    (Edit: Just to clarify, I find this funny, not laughing in any way because I don't believe it)
  15. shit man i think i should become a jedi
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  16. You wouldn’t even choose yourself you would just choose the death of the universe
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  17. Crusty for Suprememe Lord
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  18. i remember one time when fisto stabbed a clone through the chest for his rebreather
  19. Yes, this is very true. I feel like a sort of objectivity has been brought on by leaving the Jedi Order, and obvious flaws I thought to be minor flaws now look like underlying issues within the root of not only the Jedi Order, but the Jedi Playerbase as well.

    What I don't understand is the lack of motivation, and display of arrogance that is really showing in the Order right now. For some reason, some of the same prominent members who argued so vigorously among each other only a couple of months ago to get Ostrava demoted and to change the order for the better are... almost absent players. It seems they have resorted now to just going through the motions, instead of proactively solving the issues still at hand.

    Some have even resulted to outright ignoring the server, refusing to return to activity even when Resh threatens to remove their skill points, some telling him off, until the sabers are rewhitelisted to the new server box. not validating resh's threats as the right choice, just pointing out that these people most likely wouldn't care if it got removed anyway as they have shown.

    If they don't care enough to support the order, or even get online, then... what's the point? The Jedi leadership is essentially redundant (some other knights+ too); they are stagnant, content with letting the same issues even outlined two months ago to continue to go on without any effort to solve it. Honestly, its right how people see the Jedi as a joke. They argue among each other all the time over the most minor things, however it begs the question: does that even achieve anything?

    The answer is still no.
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