The Current State of the Jedi Order, My Opinions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Zhidus, Jul 29, 2018.


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  1. Damn this kid actually has a brain. I never would have thiught
  2. Yeah, I agree, some of the things I said were wrong. That's something I will admit. The point of view I was coming from was that he posted two memes and expected a civilized discussion to come out of it. It's always good to add something productive to the discussion, especially if you want to revive it. It would have been nice to say something among the lines of "Hey, two months later and x, y, and z is still a problem." I think that's the point I was originally trying to make.
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    Okay, I've got to say this.

    To the Jedi who refuse to get because of the animations, you're acting ridiculous. In early 2017 of BLN, we had to deal with a week or two without ANY animations at all. Yet, people still got on because the events were enjoyable and the RP experience was overall entertaining.

    Tell me this, would you rather have these animations temporarily or no animations at all (The basic sledgehammer animation)?

    I personally am grateful that we still have these animations instead of the god-awful default one. It isn't always about the saber system, it's about the roleplaying experience that you help create. If you really cared about the Jedi Order, you would stay and help it get better regardless.

    Not saying this as an attack, I'm saying this as a call for help.
  4. You do realize people on the server have real lives, and that it is now school time of course jedi activity will go down, and the problems that you say we have. I have constantly said this, if you are arround it for so long you go blind to it, also, If you want something fixed its not hard to notify the masters or knights something is wrong. The Masters dont bite. I feel like players think the jedi constantly argue, but from my knowledge we haven’t argued since the Ostrava matter. Over all instead of just saying we have problems and not telling us what they are, tell us what they are.
  5. I get where you’re coming from saint, but the basis of this post is explaining the problems with the Jedi. However, I do think that if thread is to be revived, problems that are reoccurring need to be brought up in specific again as some of the issues listed have been solved.
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  6. 100/10
  7. As a jedi, "or at least i think" you should try hard force rp. Even if you're not a consular just figuring something out. Wulfric stunned someone a few days ago using force rp. It was pretty cool. Anywho i think it would be nice to see more like that.
  8. Couldn't have said it better that's why I never use the forums for anything jedi related. We can handle it ourselves outside opinions don't need to be heard because it could sway the order into something we don't want it to be
  9. heil kyber crystals
  10. This is just dumb
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Shouldn’t allow afkers to have opinions because it could sway the order into something we don’t want it to be.

    Edit: Sorry I mean in another monitor playing other games instead of playing events.
  13. the absolute madman
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    In agreeing to a response attempting to negate my post, you display one of the issues I directly outline about arrogance.

    Can it get more ironic? I mean, really?
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  15. Not to mention you were a Jedi, with a valid argument as these are some of the reasons you left. Sure, he's not in the order NOW but still.
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  17. damn this is some good shit right here. yall remember crusty in his hayday making good memes like this. it really been a year niggas
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  18. This post has facts in it.
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  19. this thread was the best kind of hellscape
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