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    Holo Log Beginning

    Warning, your clearance is below the required level of Captain or Higher

    New Clearance Card Received, Beginning Holo log

    Greetings, I'm Lieutenant Commander Greg, and Today we will be learning about Pollymorphs.

    General Appearance: Polymorphs generally, stand at around 5'4, and are Bulbous creatures, with several tentacles near their bottom which they commonly use as legs. They also have 2 arms which despite having no fingers, can hold things with ease. However, their appearance can change spontaneously at any time, which brings us to...

    Abilities: Polymorphs have very unique abilities among the many known species, most notable being their ability to transform. They have no apparent mouth, which is simply because they consume things by absorbing it. They can also temporarily absorb non organic things. Anything absorbed instantly begins to be digested, by the very powerful acidic nature of the Polymorph's insides. Most interesting however, a Polymorph can transform to look, and feel like, the past 2 organic things they have eaten. Even more interesting, is that the only way to tell if a creature is a Polymorph, would to cut off a limb, as they even copy the abilities of creature they've morphed into. There is a rumor that if a Polymorph gains enough mass, they would in theory, have enough energy to travel dimensions, if other dimensions do exist. I personally don't believe it for a minute, but its atleast worth mentioning.

    Diet, and General Motivation: Polymorphs, as with most other creatures, are not born malicious or evil. However, they have no conscious thought until they are 2 years of age. Their general diet consist of, well any organic object they can get their hands on. However, they do have the ability to taste, somehow, and each one has his or hers favorite food. So far, one of the few Polymorphs we have come in contact to, has a taste for humans especially.
    Polymorphs, as far as we know, tend to stay neutral in galactic conflicts. However, it is very hard to tell, as they make excellent spy's.

    Weaknesses: Polymorphs are very hard to kill creatures. If you blow one up, it will eventually reform. However, they do have 2 MAJOR weaknesses. First off, a gaseous substance nicknamed "Mustard Gas" decreases its size, and seems to hurt it. However, Salt, is the most deadly thing you can give it. Polymorphs will do ANYTHING to escape salt, and with enough salt, it turns into a fine dust, and dies.

    Other Information: Although Polymorphs are asexual, some like to identify as a gender. When it comes to personality, Polymorphs generally are introverts, and prefer being alone, or with another Polymorph.

    Again, this is Lieutenant Commander Greg, signing off.

    Ending Holo Log
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  6. Updated! Added Weaknesses
  7. Am curious as to how ONI reacts to having a captured specimen be exterminated during an outbreak.
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