THE LOST EPISODE [Chapter ****** ARC] *Hand Of The King Diorama*

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  1. ACCESSING. . .
    Access Denied . . . Commodore Anthony Lupin

    **Lupin is seen in the Coruscant prison, opening Hoffman's prison cell with 2 guards**

    Lupin: "You are the only person who knows this passcode Hoffman... Open it now!"

    **Hoffman would be seen silent in his cell for a moment, only looking up when his name was called**
    "Reduce my prison time, then ill talk"

    Lupin: "You are responsible for the deaths and injuries of hundreds! You were caught experimenting on clone troopers. The Kaminoans already want your head after Zeta squad. And now you are asking to have prison time reduced?"

    **Hoffman nods.. Lupin then nods to the Coruscant Guard as they light up their electrostaffs and proceed to electrocute Hoffman. He screams a moment before budging..**

    "THE PASSCODE IS 202459"

    *ACCESS GRANTED. Choose a file to proceed*

    1. Mission Detail
    2. Clan of 13
    3. Access to Comms
    4. Passcodes
    5. **Classified**

    **Lupin Presses Mission detail, finding all previous recorded information... Soon after he glares at the clan of 13 folder before clicking on classified**
  2. Accessing LOG. . .
    Operation Black Bird
    Squad: Alpha 12, Alpha 39, Alpha 56, Alpha 62
    Mission Detail: Sabotage Farren Industrial Location, preventing use of more equipment and armor.

    Side Objective: Find the Location of The Brute | Find Slave camps

    Alpha 12 "Bubbs": Alright Boys, Command has given us this mission because we are the best of the best! Lets get this done in less than 10 and aim for 5.
    Alpha 39 "Switchback": Agreed, you heard the commander! Move it! I need to speak with 12.

    *Alpha 56 and 62 nod as they move ahead*
    A 39: Sir, I'm getting readings of a fight breaking out in this location, it could be that the slaves are breaking loose now.

    Alpha 12: So what are you saying?

    Alpha 39: As much as I would love it if we were to stick together, if we don't reach there in time, we could lose the slaves to the Farrens.

    Alpha 12: Copy that 39, Ill tell the boys.
    62 Peeks the corner to see a slave woman on the ground twitching with a hole in her back... It seems to be new with smoke seeping from her flesh.

    Alpha 62 would usher for Alpha 56 "Civix" to help her as he looks over to Bubbs

    Bubbs picks up a energy cell it seems... It appears to be glowing for a moment before turning off.

    12: This must be what powers their armor.. How's she doing Civix?

    Alpha 56: Not good, her vitals are low. Ve--

    **They hear distant gunshots as a lady is seen running by**
    **56 Looks as she's on the ground, not moving. He slowly moves over to see if she's moving**

    56: 39 Check her, moving.


    Alpha 39 moves to the slave, seeing her vitals drop to nothing as he then searches her for logs, of which he finds tucked in her shirt

    Meanwhile... Alpha 56 goes over to find the slave on the ground, her eyes wide open but not moving.. She's gone.. Before he can look-

    56 is shot in the shoulderpad, being knocked back by a sniper
    56: GAH-----

    Civix goes to pull out his dc15s and shoots at the sniper, missing but providing cover fire so 62 can slide to the wall.

    62 nails him in the neck, killing him instantly as civix shoots late into the heart

    56: That was my kill by the way

    62: Actually 56, I got the headshot so your statement was overruled

    *They both shared a laugh as 62 pulls him back to his feet*
    Alpha 12 and 39 appear, glancing at 56 as they chuckle at each other, moving ahead as a group.

    56: Hey! What's so funny?
    Alpha 12: We always get o-- SNIPER!
    39 moves in time before his gun is shot out of his hand, broken.

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  3. 39 moves in time before his gun is shot out of his hand, broken. He then takes cover immediantly as 62 peers to his right, seeing a Farren open fire.[​IMG]
    62: One hostile! OPENING FIRE!

    Alpha 62 begins laying down fire in the corridor as Alpha 12 ignites his jetpack, being lifted into the air as he takes out his dualies, shooting the sniper multiple times. [​IMG]
    With 62 pinned, he throws his westar at the man, directing his fire for a split second[​IMG]

    He nails him with his pistol.

    Alpha 62: 39! You're clear to move![​IMG]
    62 switches to his Dc-15S as he peers at civix
    "You good 56? Need bacta?"

    56: No, I got a bad feeling ab---


    As they move to the left, they see two Farrens start to open fire, luckily 56 gets on the draw faster and nails one in the head.
    *The other manages to fire his rocket straight at Civix*

    62: CIVIX! NO!!!

    39 moves but Bubbs is seen infuriated, yelling as he launches himself to shoot multiple rounds into the last one.[​IMG]
    As he lands, he sees the smoke break through into the building as it collapses on itself..

    12: ...39 Take left. 62 you take right
    62: What about Civix? He could still be alive!

    Alpha 12: Think about the mission first, clear the location before we get ambushed and more of us die next. Ill Move to the top of the building to find an entrance.
    Switchback moves the corner, immediately taking out his dualies and laying into the soldier guarding the main objective.[​IMG]

    Switchback moves to the door saying to himself "Damn slave owners... Rest in hell"
    *He kicks open the door, aiming his pistol at the first guard he sees. He witnesses four Farrens repeatedly beat and stomp on one of the civilians, gore spreading everywhere as gurgling is heard.. The woman half naked and her eye popping out gurgles her last breathe as she dies.*

    Farren: What are you looking at child soldier?

    62 Charges at him with his pistol, however a manhack cuts into switchbacks back, ripping his pauldron and cutting a slice into switchbacks flesh, he stumbles forward.
    Switchback is hit in the head, his helmet being knocked off from the hard impact, he stumbles to the wall where another Farren ignites his stunstick, laying it into switchbacks chest. He yells out a yelp as his eyes fixate on the first Farren he sees.[​IMG]
    *39 Takes out his Blade, laying it deep into the Farrens neck, cutting it open as blood spurs everywhere... 39 Then rips into the Farrens neck pulling out flesh as he kicks him down.

    Alpha 39 Switchback: You forget who you are fucking with..
    *Switchback immediantly cuts one of the farrens arm off, leaving him to bleed out as he runs at the other two. The Last two Farrens looking on in fear.
    One tries to run but 39 rips into the mans mask cutting into the brain, the last one yelling in fear as he tackles him.[​IMG]

    Switchback responds as he hears the energy laser behind him "I'd like to see you try"
    As the Farren tries to lift Switchback, 39 simply breaks the Farrens elbows, lifting him instead to the laser as it cuts into his head.
    *Breathing heavily, switchback lays down coordinates to his location as he passes out from blood loss in his right shoulder.*

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