The Mountains Move

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    Name: Kylumis Mantarion
    Alias: Kyle Miller
    Nickname: Quirky Kyle
    Race: Miraluka
    Affiliation: Jedi Order - 104th Wolfpack
    Trainings: Engineering and Medical

    "Long ago the force willed me into existence. Now it is my job to protect it" -Quirky Kyle
    Many years ago the adopted miralukan homeworld of Alpheridies had a new light born on it. That light eventually became the jedi known as Kylumis Mantarion. Kyle Miller in basic. Unlike other jedi of his time, Kyle didnt have all that tragic of a back story and his original feats were nothing extreme. Quite simply in his early days he was just eager to get out there and protect the light in the world. His father was a jedi to a point. You see, Kyles father, Mr. Mantarion pushed the limits of what it mean to be a jedi. He would get black out drunk and beat up walls with his saber, and obviously, he took a lover and had a child. Kyles mother is still alive. His father however died in a tragic cruiser accident when he got drunk and piloted his ship into a collision with a munificent. Some claim his father a hero, Kyle however, found him to be retaraded. To be a disgrace to what it meant to be a true protector of the force. From that day on Kyle decided that the only way for him to truthfully protect the light in the universe, is to become a jedi and try his hardest to be the best he could be. Along the way he made many a friend. Estarossa of the Republic Commandos. The forced friend of Jek, Sergeant Hector, And the always voluptuous Valkyrie. And finally, his master. Carmine. Ironically, Kyle and Carmine never saw fully eye to eye for two reasons. One, Kyle doesnt have eyes, and two, they were both stubborn in the begining. Beliveing one knows more than the other. However over time they grew to understand each other better and infact discovered the old saying, Iron sharpens iron, in fact was true. Kyle is now a Knight of the jedi order and a decision must be made. Will he continue down the path he's on? Or request a transfer from the burst link? Find out next time cuz im dumb
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  5. 「Stand Name」
    The Mountains Move
    「Stand Master」
    Quirky Kyle
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