The Venator and what it has (Stuff to help new Naval Know what they can Use/Do)

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    Naval Mega roaster Link

    Naval Policy Link
    Naval Staff Rules Link
    BLN Court law and other punishments link
    Naval Doctorine
    Naval Report Centre
    The Security Overridden Authority (T.S.OA)

    Some Facts
    The type of ship is the Venator Class Star Destroyer
    Our ship is called the (5th Fleet) Burst Link Venator-Class star Destroyer
    It's Top Speed is 3,000G
    Hyperdrive is a Class 1.0; 60,000 Light year effective range
    It's role is a Fighting ship/capital ship and a Starfighter carrier
    The bridges are for naval personal only unless an alert or a meeting is being held there and ESU can enter for repairs if none of those things are happening and someone is up there they can be arrested

    Weapon complement Normal Venator

    8 Heavy Turbolaser Turrets
    2 Medium Dual Turbolaser Cannons

    52 Point-defence Laser Cannons
    4 Proton Torpedo Tubes (each has 16 Torpedos in them)
    6 Tractor Beams Projectors
    Weapon complement Venator MK.2
    4 Advance Heavy Turbolaser turrets
    4 Medium Dual Turbolaser Cannons

    48 Point-defence Laser Cannons
    4 Proton Torpedo Tubes (each has 16 Torpedos in them)
    6 Tractor Beams Projectors

    Fighter complement
    192 V-wings-head
    32 ARC-170's
    99999...99 Laats
    192 Headhunters
    60 Y-wings
    192 "Torrents for Blue Squadron"

    Emergency Codes and procedures
    Yellow alert this status is for wepons systems and shields brought to full power, essentially preparing the ship for combat, or if there could be a intruder on board
    Troopers should start patrolling the ship and report anything unusual on board

    Red Alert would be ordered during various other emergency situations, such as a ship being boarded, Radiation exposure, a security alert, massive systems failure, an imminent hyperdrive breach, and an evacuation order.

    Republic Ship Yard Locations.
    Kuat/ drive yards- Located in the core worlds, most Venator-Class-star Destroyers are built there.
    Rothana/ Heavy Engineering- Located in the Outerrim, Nearly every single republic vehicle was designed and built there, the company is also owned Kuat Drive yards.
    Ringo Vinda-Located in the Midrim, Not very special.
    Mon-cala Ship yards, Builds ships and the planet has designed ships like the providence class for the CIS, But it is Republic Controlled.
    Coruscant- Now Coruscant doesn't have any Military grade ship yard, but it does have places on the ground where you can dock and get ship repairs then take off back into orbit.

    Landing protocol
    Now when an ship is landing that's not part of the burstlink this protocall must be as followed (The person trying to board will now be known as Pilot for this example, When you are doing this for real either say Officer ,Sir or Rank)
    1. Pilot should say something along the lines of "This is Pilot, *what the want to do* permission to board" and if you are lucky the will add codes
    2. If they don't add codes then ask for codes eg "Hello Pilot *or the rank if they have one* can you send landing codes"
    Codes MUST be in this format. eg. 0000-0000-0000-0000
    3. If they do not do this or they fail 3 times you may either Get a tractor beam lock on that ship and arrest them, Just shoot them with like a torpedo
    or my favourite one, Do a Zack and get the ship in a tractor beam when a higher ranking officer is trying to arrest them but just shoot down instead of letting them get arrested and pissing off the higher up
    4. If number 3 does not happen say "Granted pilot/rank* you may board in *which ever hanger bay you want them to land in"

    Navy Ranks
    Petty Officer Third Class-PVT
    Petty Officer Second Class-PFC
    Petty Officer First Class-SPC
    Chief Petty Officer-CPL
    Senior Chief Petty Officer-SGT
    Master Chief Petty Officer-SSGT
    Ensign Officer-MSGT
    Lieutenant Commander-1st Lieutenant
    Vice Admiral- Marshal Commander
    Admiral- General
    Grand Admiral-(like a level below the chancellor)

    Naval jobs-I just stole this from kerk, so don't blame it being out of date, I just changed the job names

    Gunner officers: they help fight in combats of space or ground in ways like ,requesting denying weapons , controlling small parts of the ships weaponary ,requesting small ammo drop pods , and using the ships cannons.

    JTAC officers: They deal with communications/ keeping them running, ship systems (shields, engines, life support, navigation, ETC. anything but weapons), they also handle fighter coordination and they can interrogate prisoners and finally they handle tactics ground and space

    Science officers, they help the medcorps create cures or analysis's to combat dieses or medically injured men, in cases of a plague on ship they would come together.. work together and hard to full fill the job. They also know ALOT of science , like projections of the sun , gamma Ray's , radiation , pollution , erosion , ect.

    Logistic officers- the upper class men of a weapons officer or you can relate in a highschool (Freshmen, Soft more, Junior ,Senior)any ways they provide a better equipment for troops requests, larger ammo drops , they can request deny ships, call necessary tasks in hand to provide support to the Average Jo CT.

    Basic tips (Do/Do Not)

    Don't recharge the shields during a battle or if there is a hostile ship in the same system
    Don't recharge the weapons during a battle or if there is a hostile ship in the same system
  2. wow that image sure helps me understand what a venator has!
  3. I understand Code Yellow is supposed to be colored Yellow but MY GOD THAT IS HARD TO SEE
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  5. I can't see code yellow (MY EYES!!)
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  6. Just use the eclipse glasses! They really work!
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  9. #TheShipsHullHasBeenLowerThan50%AndWeLivedSoFuckYourFinalThing
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  10. I don't see how knowing the codes and the star fighters,which you even forgot the jedi fighters,of the ship is supposed to help.You also forgot about the ship auto turret which are the only ones that are actually automatic and don't need to be mounted.
  11. First of all i don't consider Jedi stuff usfull

    second with the star fighters it was more of a joke with the numbers, but it was also there to show what types of Star fighters we have.

    With the turrets idk wtf u are talking about with me missing out an automatic turret. Because I got most of my info from Space dock which is one if the best YouTube channels for finding out the basics of ship from nearly every big video game, Tv shows and movies. I also got my other info from a book that goes into great details about ships.
  12. While the point defence guns are also automatic there are also the defensive auto turret inside the ship.
  13. I'm talking about the ones that are on the exterior not interior
  14. Okokok you forgot V-19 Torrents
  15. we don't use those at the moment.
  16. Tell them about inspections and jazz, I want to see more.
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  17. You should add one of these to every ship we've lost :>
  18. ctrl c + ctrl v
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  19. We do. I use them for Blue Squadron and Higher up pilots use them. If we don't use the torrent then the Headhunter shouldn't be in there haha
  20. We use More XJ-6's Then torrents that's why I didn't add them

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