The Venator and what it has (Stuff to help new Naval Know what they can Use/Do)

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  1. You get no rights jk
  2. Oh ok... ;-;
  3. Denied
  4. Your denied of being denied
  5. I ignore permissions to land if they dont come from naval.
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  6. Good man
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  7. I do it when naval are too slow, doing my own thing for Pilots, or there aren't any on usually.
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  8. Meh just updated again, gonna be updated again soon,
  9. This is completely wrong. Not even close to the correct number. If the server has been up for 2 years and say 230 days were not Clone Wars (MilitaryRP, HaloRP), and the average amount of LAATs per day were 4 (There were mostly 3 events per day and we only used 1 LAAT per event from late 2015 - early summer 2016)(Summer 2016 - Late fall 2016 was a quiet era with 1-2 events per day)(Winter 2016 - current day we started using 2 LAATs per event and having an average of 3 events per day), then the estimated amount of LAAT's used is 2,000 not counting LAAT's used by Purple Team and event masters. In addition, We didn't even use the Burst Link Venator so the number provided is pure BS with no thought.
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  10. Holy shit
    Commander Authority?
    More like Numerical Analysis Officer Authority
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  11. Dis is really good like really good
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  12. nerd
  13. *cough cough* V-19 Torrents for Blue Squadron *Cough Cough*
  14. Updated
    I added Torrents for Blue Squadron and some other thing
  15. We got 2 rebel ships from an event recently. Add those in as well (whenever you can)
  16. Updated
    removed some non Serious shit and added some stuff, alos corrected some shit
  17. Can you like stop using U and You at the same time?
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  18. no u

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