there had to be 4

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  1. now 4 commandos are missing in action

    taking a small LOA for the next week and a half
    sister is leaving the house for the summer and the house needs work
    i'll be around on steam/discord and playing other things in the meantime

    catch you around
  2. guess we won't see you around for a WHILE
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  3. Have a nice week and a half.
    Don't die

    Don't forget to pack your Fun
    Or your picture of Teller
  4. Well time to do ECS RP.
    Cya in a week and a half.
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  5. oh ok thats fine
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  6. At this rate Eo' gonna die of old age before he gets his hand back.
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  7. Just take it as extended time in isolation.
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  8. Oh fuck you're still in there arn't you.
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  9. inb4 Eowyn never comes back and dies of a PTSD ridden stroke from the c l o n e w a r s
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  10. yes. yes i am. please give me food.
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  11. wait what the fuck Eo is in isolation??
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  12. loa has been extended until the 22nd.
  13. O o f.

    Hope you enjoy the break, dude.

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