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  1. Steam name: Therunboii

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:517763202

    How many Hours Do you have on this server?: I have currently 212 Hours on this server.

    What is your age?: 17

    Do you have previous experience as staff on other servers?: No

    What attributes can you bring to the server?: In my time on the BLN server, I feel as though i have become acquainted with most active members of the server. Getting to know them and becoming A very active member on the server as well. I can bring a very positive vibe to BLN, while still respecting and, when needed, enforcing the rules that have been put in place for BLN.

    Do you think you're mature enough to be a moderator for our server?: Yes. BLN has been my 1st real Roleplay experience on Garry's Mod. I have a good understanding of the environment around the server, and I want to keep it positive in any way I can.

    Will you be active on our server?: Absolutely, I have enjoyed my time on this server and I plan on putting hundreds more hours into the BLN server.

    Do you have a microphone that you can use to communicate and quickly solve problems?: Yes!

    Do you know all the rules for the server?: Yes, And I am willing to enforce them where they are needed.

    Do you think our community respects you enough to become a moderator on the server?: I believe so. I have been one of the more active members of ARF, and have seemingly been climbing the ranks at A steady pace. I was recently put in a position as NCO of ARF, As well as asked about becoming the new XO to replace Spring after his transfer back to ARC. I have gotten to know many of the server EMs, and staff members, as well as active and inactive player very well. I feel as though I would be able to fit in very well as a Moderator/Staff member in BLN

    Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?: The only thing that I have done Is being arrested for being in bridge for not being of rank. I do not believe I was warned, Just arrested. I am now of rank/and have proper clearance to enter the Bridge.

    Why should we promote you to staff? (at least 100 words): If I were to be promoted to staff. I would not abuse my moderator powers in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I believe that it is a moderator duty, to fit in with the people around him, be friendly and respectful to everyone on the server, Including the new people, And try their best to de escalate a situation without the use of Moderator powers. A moderator should only have to use their Moderator powers if a situation cannot be deescalated without using them. I would also be able to help the EMs with setup, and the process in which their event is going If they are short handed, or need help. Being on the staff team. I would be able to keep BLN a safe, friendly, not so mingy roleplay server. While keeping the positive vibes rolling and rolling.

    Why do you want to be staff?: I enjoy BLN with all by heart and soul. I would like to do more for the server than just be a regular player. But one also very big reason that I would like to be part of the staff team, would be my recent and possibly future positions In my division, ARF. I was recently promoted to NCO of ARF, meaning that I have the ability to host tryouts. Well, If there aren't any EM or staff on. it would be a bit tedious to have to ask a staff member to get on every time I would want to train a CT, or do a certification for a trainee. I feel as though If i were to be inducted into the staff team, i can do more for my division, as well as keep the server a better place all around.

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  2. Hey, after discussion amongst the staff team we've decided that your application is accepted
    You'll be on a two-week trial period as a moderator so we can assess your performance and move forward from there.
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