Things you'd like to see/experience?

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  1. experience unrelenting sadness, anger, and depression that is only caused by watching your comrades die around you. one by one, with you standing there unable to stop them, until you're the last one left. you wish for death but fate refuses to quench your thirst, instead having you continue to suffer by living.
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  2. Bro, that’s what school is for

    Your teacher gives you a hard test, when the results come back all you can see is your friends dying of their bad grade and you barely make it with an 80%
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  3. John Conner attacking tech comm as a Terminator , going to the past. Stopping skynet
  4. So uh
    Unless ya'll bring that population back up, I'm not pain the server bill for this
    if it dies, it was fun while it lasted and it was only a test for fun server
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  5. Just play it
  6. Resh did you deadass remove my comment? @Resh

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