Time set to cook.

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  1. lick the plate
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  2. im not karmi but i can understand why you would think otherwise
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  3. 5631_helpmeplz.png
  4. fuck i miss this so much
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  5. how did i fucking miss this thread post.

    why did i miss this fucking thread post.

    i'm at work rn, and it took every fiber of my being to not actually die from laughing.

    god i miss halo rp so much.
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  6. Honestly, I really wish we could do HaloRP too. Maybe when infinity comes out, but Resh said he wouldn't so probs not.
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  7. ur warming my heart

    As much as I'd like that it wont be the same.
    Lightning in a bottle.
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  8. This halo rp stint was magic
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  9. I’ll never forget watching Fred die from his visor

    It was quite tragic
  10. [​IMG]
  11. God I was hoping you would have caught that
  12. : ^ )
  13. Wow
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  14. <3
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  16. Re reading this makes me wish I journalixed halo rp cuz there was some of the best rp I’ve ever been apart of in it
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  17. boy do i have some good news for you.
  18. What is said news
  19. Check your fucking messages you absolute boomer piece of shit actual asshole motherfuc

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