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  1. After seeing Bubbs's post and seeing "Wow holy shit some of us are either super smart (Orpheus) or just really retarded or in between"
    I was like, maybe ya'll got some tactics and tips to hep people with their grades and find a way to be active on BLN

    I'll start first
    For me, I just study majority of my day if a test is in the same week, and I let myself play for 2 hours max that day IF i'm fully prepared

    What are your tips for having better grades and playing BLN?
  2. i just shitpost and miraculously have a 3.8 gpa
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  3. Uhh, the only way to win is not to play (your tests that is, play BLN all you want).
  4. tests aint shit
  5. Idk that's why I have a fucking d
  6. Also , if your in highschool ask your teachers to help , and when you get home don't play for more than a 1hour and a half
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  7. I get home at 330 most days and play till 5 then do homework
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  8. I always do homework first so that it’s done, then I get on. Work first, play second
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  9. In my school, test and quizzes mean everything, so I never have homework, I also have a pretty good memory so I don't usually study as well. Maybe this is why I'm scared to check my grades
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  10. As slice m8 said
    its important to remember:
    Work First, Play Second
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  11. suck your teacher's dicks like me, i always end up getting B- !
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  12. Dont be a dumb disruptive cunt in class.
    Honestly, social networking got me through most of my classes without any effort.
    Easy A's all around (except maths, because that shit is for fags)
  13. I would never recommend studying by reading a book. Its so inefficent. The way I study is by using these handy little things called Flash cards.
    (These Things)

    These are so great cause they let you get down all the keypoints of whatever topic you're studying and its all very neat, compacted and easy to find

    For example, just say I was studying English and I got an essay on Shakespeare, I would use the flash card to right down all the key moments in his life, what play's he wrote and when. Instead of opening some bigass book filled with bs and trying to pick out the keypoints, You have them all on the flash card

    Another example, I'm studying German and I have a list of Vocabulary I have to learn off. I write down on the flash card, the words and their definition. Then I dont have to go flicking through books/sheets for it. You can keep these things in your pocket aswell so you can simply pull it out whenever and start quickly learning

    Another Tip I have is to test yourself. This relates back to the whole "Reading the book is the worst way to study". So you have your Flash cards done out and you're ready to start learning them. Dont just read them and think they will stick in your head. Cover up (For English the facts, German the definitions etc.) And constantly test yourself until you know every point.

    Last point because god I only realised now how much I wrote, if you have the time, get some study in the morning. It's a fact that things you learn you will stick inside you brain better in the morning than any other time of day.
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  14. That's because you're German, you people are overachievers.
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  15. Ey I'ma Maltese , and my people are achiever's
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  16. only play bln if you've got nothing to do,or if it's the weekend or whatever
  17. nah just fucking W I N G I T you'll probs pass

    also who uses pink flashcards what are ya fuckin gay
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  18. Never been good at English. Just been a bunch of essays. I go through multiple rewrites before being satisfied with my work.
    In math, it all comes down to paying attention in class and actual work. Do the problems related to your current topic and then do some more. If you're having trouble, go in order. Teacher, tutor, friend in class, dumbasses, BLN people.
    As for other classes, all I can say is PAY ATTENTION, do all the homework assigned, and study. Also, try to set a time where you need to do work and when you want to fool around.
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  19. Take it giys from Orpheus, All As in College. HE IS ORACLE OF EDUCATION
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  20. It's 1. Called being Organised (You should really learn about that, it helps considering you think you can wing exams) and 2. Getting pictures off of Google Images

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