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  1. Do homework right when you get home
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  2. School is ez tbh even when I played actively on BLN I had a 4.0 gpa
  3. A tip would to just do what you're asked to do and pay attention in class
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  4. My classmates are terrible at that

    They are all like disabled when it comes to that. Not even kidding
  5. Understandable,some kids are pretty retarded when it comes to fucking PAY ATTENTION *also those are some good looking legos*
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  6. drop out
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  7. BAD
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  8. Don't go to school bc I'll be there to shoot you up.
  9. I uh, wake up, workout, go to school until 2:20, get home, forget to do hw, play bln, then remember i had HW at like 9-10, then i dont feel like doing it cuz i wanna sleep, and then the cycle repeats.
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  10. What you gotta do is if you want gud grades tell your classmates to do a stfu like the clones do and boom done
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  11. Pretty much the same thing as Gary. I’m a freshman in high school and while I might not have a 3.8 gpa for not doing anything I can average a B and A grade level by doing nothing. This doesn’t mean I don’t have my ways when I actually come across a thing that I need done or I’m screwed.

    Step one: ask for s t u d y g u i d e s
    Study guides whilst not seeming like that great of a thing, are actually the real life version of hacking. If your science teacher is as chill as mine. All you have to do is write down some work on a paper. (Because of this I usually play Mario Kart on my school laptop). Once you get home though, that’s where it gets good. Do everything the moment you get home. Burst Link and other games have players in tons of time zones, so usually it takes till later in the day for the player base to skyrocket.

    Step two: Parents
    Listen, no one likes their parents nagging them to get shit done. So what I do is, take your study guide, sit down with one parent and have them ask you questions on the material on the guide. Missing out on one hour of gameplay on the server is not gonna kill you (unless you have shit tier timing). Just do this step and practice it over and over until doing it is literally as easy as shooting a DC-15A.


    Oh my god I cannot stress this enough. Get on good terms with the teachers. Don’t be a kissass but be courteous and kind. If you forget to do something and come clean on it, the teacher might be more willing to give you another chance for less points. Some is better than none.

    Step four: be friends with the intelligent
    It’s not that hard to find a mildly intelligent student in a high school who isn’t a total shit poster like us. If they are a shit poster, then you already have a basis for a friendship. Then just do study sessions with them, ask them to copy their homework (my proudest moment is when I forgot to do my homework, asked my friend for his, and showed the teach as mine. He was in that class after me, so what I did was crumple it up to not look like mine, erase my name, and hand it to him in the hallway)

    Pretty much, just use your time wisely. It’s worth it in the long run.
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  12. You smart man
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  13. I just pay people to do it for me.

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  14. Drop out then you don't have to worry about grades
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  15. Well for assignments. I literally wait till the last day. (Usually staying up all night doing essay's, studying, etc.) I am a terrible procrastinator, yet i am ranked 20th in my class of 726 people. i have a 3.988 GPA out of 4.
  16. why drop out when you can just burn the schools papers that say your failing or edit them so you have all A's
  17. Spread your shit , and make a bonfire
  18. You see, Russia is shithole country. So if you study hard, you have no job anyhow cause people retarded. And Americans don't like Russians so no going to America. You born in Russia, your boned. Might as well play BLN.

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