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  1. There will be a meeting held for all officers Friday 6 / 7pm Est , this meeting will be based off any things coming under way towards the future of Officers and how it should be handled. If there is a event , then after it will occur. For now is fine till Friday . I will not be on Thursday but there will be things I will talk about .

    See you in 2 days

    ~ Kerk
  2. Officers as in the "COOL OCTOPUSES" or as in the "Naval Nerds"

    Yes I know it's naVal but MEMES
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  3. Wait, I’m a commanding officer (CO) can I come? :)
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  4. Na , just navy Officers
  5. Bitch did you NOT see my post before yours where in tiny letters i wrote Yes I know it's naVal but MEMES
    You gotta do a PAY and ATTENTION because otherwise ima BEAT your MIND with knowledge cuz violence is bad
  6. oh ok
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  7. You know what you did go to the principals office
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  8. Hello this is officer ecils and I’d like to board your Venator for this meeting.
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    This is Brigadier General Geek from the alternate timeline and uuhhhhhhh DENIED

    lul sike i died for the troopers and got ACCIDENTALY THROWN INTO THE WATER
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  10. Uhhhno get outta here
  11. Uhhhh ok
  12. Mmmmm... *thinking emoji*
    What have I missed?
  13. So much mate
  14. Holy shit no offense rains but I thought you were dead
  15. he can never die

    Rains = God among men
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  16. So does this mean we can have a kick ass event to rescue rains? (And/or me have me on the planning commity?)
  17. If rains wants to

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