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  1. I found 2 great maps that are big, and nice, and have some good structures, great for events!
    the snow map is great for ice planet events, and is also really big. It has a town or 2 along with a sizeable castle I think. Not to mention multiple breakable buildings!
    This one is also pretty sizeable, and is very textured and nice for its size. It has an underground cavern, teleports to most locations, a town, a Castle and more! YOU CAN EVEN GO ON THE MOON!
  2. im a slut for snow maps so this already has my vote
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  3. The first map looks alright, however the prospect of breakable buildings will likely be laggy as hell. If anyone takes cover in those things and a mob of droids unleashes a rain of bolts then I'm sure FPS would drop. An alternative would serve the maps role better.

    The second map is not the greatest either. It looks like a Medieval RP Sandbox map. The lack of detail alongside its Medieval/Suburb basis seems really odd and wont be used much.
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  4. With how the server has been recently with the gmod update its been stable af even with shit tonnes duped, Ive duped whole maps and 20+ ragdolls in one and the only people above 100 ping was the brits the first map would prob be fine
    2nd map is pretty Btec tho and basic looks more like a city life rp not star wars
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  6. yuhhh
  7. how the fuck do you release a map in that state
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Ask EA,especially Bioware,and their lately incredible games.
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