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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals/Request' started by Kazkids, Jul 8, 2019.

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  1. Your SteamID:

    Who Banned You:

    When did you get banned?
    July 2017

    How long were you banned for?

    What was the reason for your ban?
    Don't Remember

    Please explain clearly what happened:
    It's been over 2 years so I don't remember and I'd like to come back as just a casual player

    Why do you think the action was unfair?
    It's been over 2 years so again I'd just like to come back as a casual Player

    Additional notes:
    I had a lot of good times on this server and I'd like to be able to have some more fun times if the community would have me back. I'd also like to see some old faces and fight along side some brothers against those damn clankers.
  2. holy shit, the prodigal son
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  3. A legend has returned
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  4. I have one memory from you, you made me and a DC play RPS to get promoted in DB but we both got promoted,I believe that was you

    Hopefully you come back man!
  5. Not gonna lie no idea who dis is but we played at the same time so ugh good luck
  6. I would be very grateful to Resh if he'd be willing to give me a second chance here. Had a few rough patches but also a lot of good patches with all y'all. So hopefully I'll be able to fight with y'all again.
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    +1, from what i've heard of, this guy sounds like a fucking legend
  8. Kazkids. He requested awhile back that Gary perma ban him so he could never come back. He wanted to leave due to the Drama at the time. I'm fine with him coming back. But the choice is ultimately in @Resh 's hands.
  9. N word what
  10. From this point onward. if you are going to meme about this. Dont post its a ban appeal not general.
  11. no u
  12. What was the reason for the denial in the first place?

    Better yet - The ban reason?
  13. That's the point. There was none, he asked for the ban because he wanted to stay away from BLN.
  14. I'm sorry if you've ever felt I've wronged you, and welcome back man.
  15. Free this man
  16. the mad man is back

    the prodigal son has returned
  17. Hello. I've spoken with Resh. It appears as though I'm to deal with this Appeal. From what I Recall of his Ban. The only real reason he got banned was due to him(Kazkids), Requesting that Gary would ban him from the server due to drama at the time.
    I guess with that out of the way. Ban Appeal, Accepted. Send me your SteamID on Discord when available. I'll Remove your ban on the server afterwards.
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