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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hector, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. DC-15s damage to 65 or 60

    This is still below the DPS of the DC-15a (67.3 is the true DPS match) but it at least gives a reason to use the DC-15s.
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  2. 108th Warhammer VC-202
    make it so that the damage is constant throughout the modes
  3. How about changing the fire rates and damage of both weapons, DC-15 s has a faster fire rate, but weaker damage, while the DC-15A has a stronger damage but slower fire rate
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  4. No, the whole point of the gun is to give it variety and different stats based on the modes that pertain to it, IE: Bastion = turret, Pulverizer = CQC with horrid accuracy but insane RPM, the ranged one, etc
  5. Great idea! Make sure to bring that up in the next CO XO
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    If I recall correctly didnt we have that before? That the 15a had higher dammage and slower fire rate and the 15s was rapid as fuck but lower dammage.

    I think another gun to also look at being re balanced is the westar, its cool its got a scope but a while back its fire rate was cut massively from being a fast firing to be being more like the donation 15s fire rate

    Edit: Also I think the republic shotgun and Sniper could use a boost as the sniper is okay for pvp but horrible for pve and the shotgun u get so close that u die before getting to fire.
    If the damage was buffed up to be just as an example 300 for the sniper, It would actually be useful in events verse people who use low hp droids (As the main reason it faults is the high hp droids people use)
    Lets be real, how often do we do pvp events, we barely every touch them so it wouldn't be an issue in them majorly.
    The shotgun could be upgraded to say from 30x5 (150 dammage) to 60x5 as the pellets are spread out it would only be very effective in close close combat and then you actually feel rewarded for getting in so close to use it (I would love to see jugs or a clone cqb Charging in shotgun in hand to get that sweet benefit of high af damage)

    Also the Z6 could be discussed aswell, I get that its a minigun basically but it either needs to fire faster so the accuracy is less taken into account, Or increase the accuracy so its actually usable
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  7. entire point of that gun is so that the damage isnt't always constant but you get different buffs
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  8. Kind of to buff snipers, but a accuracy/stability drop is needed across the board. Small handguns wielded in one hand are able to drop shots at the pretty much the same accuracy.
    On the topic of DC-15a vs DC-15s, just see it as rifle vs carbine. 15a should have higher accuracy, stability, damage, range. No reason to change fire rate or mag capacity, because it’s still the same internals, different barrel length and a stock. Dropping mobility due to the extra weight would make sense. Shouldn’t be too much of an issue anyway, 15a is relatively rare.
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  9. okay jeez calm down I am not part of 108th how am i spoused to know but thanks resh for explaining it

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