What do people want out of events?

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  1. Just a general question aimed at literally everyone on the server.
    What do YOU want out of events in general.
    What should be the focus of an event (rp, combat, something else?)
    Do you want them to difficult, do you want them to be a cakewalk?
    I'm honestly at a bit of a loss right now since i feel as though i dont really understand what people want anymore.
  2. Keep events serious. Can we actually apply the name of SeriousRP to the server. Enforce rules, allow for more interaction between players and event activities to keep them occupied and busy. Sure send in a group of droids or enemies every so often, but keep RP to an equal amount, most people join BLN to build their character in RP situations, not to just kill droids all the time.
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  3. trains
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  4. I feel like it should be an eventmaster's job for every event to have a lasting effect, not just these battles that everyone's gonna forget an hour after they happen.

    I also want them to be really fucking brutally difficult, at least once in a while
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  5. A Koriand'r event ( ʘ̆ ╭͜ʖ╮ʘ̆ )
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  6. Some sort of storyline or something. Use of ALL battalions. I'm referring to the EM Trainees who've been doing events for sometime.
  7. I want more players to actually learn how to RP.
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  8. yes
  9. you're thinking way too far into this
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  10. Dude it's gmod not arma
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  11. Yes everyone must be included like Troopers , Officers , or Jedi but not mainly just troops or jedi
  12. Shit doesn't have to be tactically acceptable on a fucking GMOD SERVER. Your taking this shit waaaaay too serious. Mind you, our tactics vary from each battalion. My 41st are more accustomed to a CQB Environment while 212th/501st are both front line battalions. ARC/ARF are sit in the back and support from afar. Each battalion has a particular playstyle suited to their job and the likes.
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  13. tbh i would love more events with unexpected story plots or plot twists like kasper's story line
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  14. story based events with twists n stuff are neat
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  15. I apologize for my earlier statement. I had just woken up, saw that post and decided to respond, sort of acting without thinking, and made it far to "intense" for the way you people think in terms of fighting.
  16. For another thing about events,it needs to be a mix of RP and combat,more combat focused batallions actually getting combat and action,and more RP focused batallions.(naval,esu etc) need to get like special assignments that involve alot of RP,e,also a nice thing would be more variety in maps i guess?
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  17. I just like to feel I'm apart of a video game campaign or a Star Wars MMO
    As long as any EM makes me feel like that, I'm happy
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  18. I did a event with a plot twist of like my character Commander Red is attacked from the Corrupt GL community or like there called E.A.S and having a big ass space Battle and cool shit m8. Then on ground on the space station was supposed to go as as a stealth but everyone came into the Witcher gate and started to screw the ground event but like it was successful at the end.

    My strengths are that I can make Thicc ass layered space battles to have involvement but on ground my weakness of a station I suck at points like where to go , if the spawn is set above or below. But Ik what i did wrong and I will improve ;)
  19. Okay. Here comes my rant. I just posted my last message as a half-meme/half-serious.

    The problem with RPing seriously on a StarWarsRP server is that its a GarrysMod server where the owner plays hentai sounds and clones fucking eachother .mp3 on the daily. Now that's funny, but everyone assumes that's how the server is, and so they don't gotta be serious. The problem with including every single battalion is that we can't organize that, we can't have every EM be like: "Alright, Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Battalion 3, Battalion 4, head to here." That takes way too long to advert/voice amp out. This is why we have the squad system, we can just be like "Alpha Squad, there. Bravo Squad, there." And if you mean the special snowflake battalions that are "meant" to RP, such as ESU, Naval, etc. You can't have the EM fucking babysit you. Naval, stop begging for things to do, but *cough* Kirk, don't spawn shit on events w/out asking permission. That's why I destroyed your LAAT before. If you need something to do, make it yourself. Organize your naval into groups with other troopers. 1-2 Naval per squad, have them act as the advisors of the squad, etc. ESU can repair shit IRP and then ask the EM once if they can use it once they repaired it IRP with /me's. Don't spam EMs, don't act like you are entitled to being a special snowflake constantly. If you want to be included in a specific way in an event, ask EMs before they start they event.

    This is another huge fucking thing for me. Stop bugging EMs constantly during events. They have quite alot of things to micromanage. For example, during my two last events, I had to micromanage a ridiculous amount of people, and couldn't hope to receive complaints from one person. If you are going to bug me during that, I'm going to ignore you completely, or call you out.
    I'd like this, too, but having a twist every event doesn't really turn out too well. We used to do this when I did New Republic events often with Resh. A twist every event. People were starting to guess the "twist this event" in OOC before we could even pull it off, and it really ruined the surprise.

    I got more to rant but I'm currently watching Revenge of the Sith for Order 66 memes, so I'll respond more later.
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  20. storylines that have impact and an effect on characters.

    encourage people to make their own sub-plots to play along with some of the smaller events or ones with over-arching plots.

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