What do people want out of events?

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  1. Alright i think i gave this around 24 hours for people to write shit down so i guess its time to respond to everyone.
    Pluto basically said it all exactly the way i wanted to, but there is still some stuff that i'd like to talk about.
    "allow for more interaction between players and event activities to keep them occupied"
    What exactly is it that you want?
    Do you mean interaction with actors or something else entirely?
    Out of the tools we have available, what would you like to see more?
    Can be done.
    What exactly is it that makes an event memorable to you?
    How should we keep them memorable when most people arent on for most of the story events you do?
    And what do you mean by difficulty?
    Higher HP?
    More droids?
    What kind of difficulty do you want/need?
    How do you want battalions to be used on maps/missions where they are practically useless?
    What do you want pilots to do on small maps with small skyboxes?
    Which EMs are you talking about?
    Actually adress the people you're talking about so they can improve.
    Talk to them rather than about them. Feel free to use this thread as a means to do so.
    How do you want Officers to be used?
    What are the different Officers roles on the battlefield and what tools do they need to do what they need to do?
    How can their roles be enforced?
    What type of RP are you refering to/what type of rp as an example would you like to see?
    Do you mean the maps we have or do you want new maps in general?
    Thank you.
  2. For the maps,it's maps we have that are just underused sometimes,and some maps are overrused,and for the RP,more of a generalized RP,doing /me's to get out of a situation,which alot of people don't seem to do and it's pretty rare to see,like add more things that are RP'able and you can't just shoot out of the situation.
  3. I have this grudge for maybe a year and a half now that the droids have waaaaaay too much health. When I first started on this server, events were fun and easy. Now they seem like a chore.

    (btw hitting a droid with a crowbar takes 20-40 hits to kill)
  4. It's impossible to put a large quantity of low health droids without almost crashing or crashing the server.

    We have to resort to high health droids over quantity (quality over quantity) or else it be way to easy to win fire-fights with low amounts of low-healthed droids.
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  5. My point
  6. I think i'm probably the most guilty of this, but let me explain my thought process.
    During events you usually have between 30-70 people, sometimes even more, running around.
    That means you have 30-70 people firing at a small group of droids.
    If every DC15a mag takes out 2 B1s, the clones would chew through a group of 30 droids in seconds, meaning there is no resistance, no reason to stop moving and no reason to actually apply tactics.
    So how do you solve this?
    You have 4 options
    1. More Droids
    2. More HP
    3. Better Droid weaponry
    4. Dont change anything
    All of these solutions are not applicable though.
    More droids would make the server lag even harder than it usually does during events and especially now that you have 75+ players on regularly, we're even more restricted in the amount of props and NPCs we can put up.

    More HP is what is pissing people off right now.
    People dont want to use tactics, they dont want to RP as just another soldier, they want to be the super clone that takes out scores of droids all on their own.
    Sadly things dont actually work that way.
    You're supposed to focus fire with the troopers next to you, being the edgy loner charging ahead should punish you.

    Better droid weaponry doesnt work because we dont actually have better weaponry.
    I dont even know if there is any better weaponry on the workshop.
    We have the Terminator weapons that do more damage as far as i know, but they lag the server and look like shit in my opinion.
    Not even mentioning wrist rockets since they always piss people off.

    Dont change anything, let people speedrun through an event in 5 minutes.
    Seems boring to me.

    Once again i am open to suggestions on how to improve this, since these are just my opinions on the matter.
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  7. So the role J.T.A.C is for them to navigate positions and where to go on ground and also help the Gunner Officers to pin out areas of good locations for supply drops to orbitals , On ship it they control the Navigations .- needs flare gun or a signal to put up

    Gunner Officers on ground help deploy supply / ammo in areas that are secure , on ship they use the turrets. -

    Science Officers collect Intel from the battle field and Experiment or study it to either provide to the troops, medcore, or Science. - import some Intel in missions like Experiment weaponry or bio hazard gas , or new founded bacta

    Jury / Judge = court cases , if there's no court cases they help the best they can
  8. How about a dedicated narrator so everyone ooc knows wtf is going on
  9. We do
    Pluto does it
  10. My guy I've literally been doing this for the past 10 events I've done. PLAY MORE or look at CHAT
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  11. I've been sick for the past few days (That's why I was gone for a couple days) and I'm talking like for the past year and a half there wasn't a narrator and no clue ooc what tf is happening during events. thanks a lot for your help.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. that was today only since it's a weekend and my pain subsided today man
    and i was curious
  14. ILY
  15. I agree with most of what everyone is saying here, but there is one thing I believe that truly makes the event by definition good, or bad; therefore, if people truly want a good event then they must have everyone active at every time of the event. This makes everyone feel like they are truly playing a role in the event instead of just walking around doing nothing, which makes them feel like they have no part. I understand, it happens sometimes, but a perfect example of this was kong’s event. Kong had a mission where squads had different tasks which will contribute to the end goal of the mission. This made it really fun, the officers had a role in it, everyone had a role in it.
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  16. One other thing that I noticed in Kong’s event is he even had someone that needed to be interrogated. Even though we were interrogating someone, the others still had something to do. The clones that weren’t interrogating were tasked with taking out another droid base. This made it really fun. On the other hand, I have seen many events where we have to interrogate somebody, but everyone just sits around and waits.
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  17. The possible solution to this is to have the clones split up in squads and have different task. I know it is possible, because Kong did it before. Each squad would contribute to the end goal of the event. You can do this by having more then one EM on the event. Where each EM focuses on one squad. This will make clones split up and you won’t have to raise the droids health. Also, you will have everyone engaged in the event at the same time, due to all the squads having different tasks. This will work out perfectly if you did it this way. Now the question came up on, “How should the officers play a role in the events?” Well if you do what I say and split up the people in to squads, then you can do one of the following

    1. Have officers be support and have ordinance drops, now it may require more attention from the EM’s because they have to respond to the officers.

    2. Officers could be assigned to command a squad. This could be dangerous though, due to the officer not making good decisions, so in that case, only do this if you truly trust the officer. Overall, We are here to take the hard responsibility of leadership, let the officers have the chance.

    To do this suggestion, you will need more than one EM, if you are short on EM’s then do more tryouts possibly, I haven’t seen too many of those
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  18. One thing to mention that could be a flaw in this, you will have to work on spawning too many NPC’s and I understand that, not all the squads have to be tasked in fighting droids. You can have a squad work with civilians, guard things or places, all of the above. I hope my opinion helped and I wish to be working beside the EM’s one day.
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  19. I fundamentally disagree with the majority of all your replies. I've played many great events where my job wA to tans and guard an area that never got attacked. RP isn't about being heroes in every battle it's about Doug your job o make a good fighting unit. Sometimes doing your job means being imactive
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  20. And with all due respect there's no way in hell I'd even let kerk take leadership over me for these men that STILL trust me with their life after not playing. I don't think someone who doesn't have a bond with the men should be in charge of them.
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