What type of Officer would you like to see when Jury and Judge Officers are swapped?

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Would you like to see...

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  1. Gunner Officers

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  2. Navigations Officers

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  1. So would you like to see Gunner Officers, the Officers that can call a Support attack like a aerial strike to being designed to man the cannons on the left bridge or

    Navigations Officers, they help with making out the area of the place and makes sure good areas to pin out and attack and also being on the Right Bridge to help with Navigations and maintains the ships systems.
  2. I personally would like to see both but aren't like weapons officers the same thing as gunners. But if it came down to one I would like to see nav officers
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  3. depends,a gunner officer is basically a weapons officer,but a navigation officer just sounds like a pretty bland officer,but you could possibly make it interesting by making them have control of star fighters or something
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  4. Navigation Officers seem interesting, I've seen events where troopers have had really bad spacing and positioning, maybe they could help set troopers up to certain barricades and guard certain directions. I know that COs do that often, but sometimes it' just a bunch of barricades in the open while this battalion sits there or there. You should be able to position the troopers. Maybe get a top down overview of the map for events for the locations of the map. However sometimes I find that Officers are not very active in taking true control of their jobs, saying "Oh they steal our jobs anyways" and while in mamy cases yes that is true, they should still emphasize it as much as possible, as well as respectfully as possible, so the troopers willingly oblige. Don't back down, you should have the authority to do these things, they'll eventually listen.
  5. or maybe only have one type of officer so you dont water out their roles
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  6. Navigation would be more used tbh
  7. How'd we do it in VG?
  8. Mm. I don't know. I think you guys have too many branches of officers in naval for how many people actually want to spend their time as a naval. On NN you could play a Jedi, Trooper and Naval character (granted you'd have to buy Jedi), and so Naval was usually popular. I know you weren't really asking about this, but I'd suggest making a large over-arching branch called Investigations, which contains Jury/Judge, and Science, and they can do all of the above in the branch. Investigations on NN would do cryptography for our eventlines, as well as handle court cases that may arise. I don't know what science does currently, but I'm sure it could fit if you made it.

    As for 'Gunner Officers', don't we already have Weapons Officers? Don't spread them out even thinner like this. Keep it as is, and have the Weapons Officers be the ones calling down airstrikes and such, that's what I've been doing in events, anyway.

    Navigation Officers are the most needed I suppose, and I'm surprised we didn't already have them? Have them handle the mapping of the hyperdrive, so they can choose where they want to go. Otherwise, there are pretty good responses already here (have them split the troopers up from a top-down view type of way). You can always give them noclip, cloak, and notarget for an event, by the way, and then they can do all that themselves.

    If we actually used Strategist (the game) more, I'd say we could have a Strategist role, but I like to think that every CO/high ranking Naval acts as a strategist for events, and for the game. Very nice.
  9. I don't remember there was any naval, only GM's (EM's) who did briefings and debriefings named "Command".
  10. Nah
    We had reggie and tie leading remember
  11. I mean I would just do "Naval Officer " but like there's science , Weapons , and communication as the Job so idk
  12. ^^^^^

  13. SS Officer.
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  14. ARC Trainee Chains
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  15. Nice try
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  16. either navigation or gunner officers

    we can have being a judge as a license or something

    gunners are useful for the venator guns and maybe turrets offship. Navigations do what said previously by acapella
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  17. F A L L E N T R A I N E E S
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