What was your Favorite Part of HaloRP?

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  1. So, What was y'all's Favorite part of this Good Ol' RP. What will you miss? What will you not miss?

    Personally, my favorite part, was getting to be an A.I and work with a group of Spartans, and it felt like REAL teamwork, as if we were a group of friends (Which I guess BLN is, but different,) who coordinated this big Operation.

    So, what did you all like best?
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  2. When we made up a whole story but it was all for nothing
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  3. the part where big tiddy clown goth gf, shy boy chad, and skynet's disowned nephew walked into a bar.
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  4. “Those bitches stole my magnum condom”
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  5. Having a personality. It was very refreshing to be able to laugh and make jokes as a person rather than being a stone cold trooper all the time. (Even though Mustang told us to be serious). I was able to make a character and interact with others in a more comical way. Especially the AI at points. The events were fun as well and the roleplay that went along with it was very enjoyable. It was a nice break from clone wars.
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  6. not talking was neat.I also had a psychological breakdown at some point but we're not gonna talk about it.
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  7. Dell the spartan had a broken leg that was burnt, so as Locus i said to him “You’ll only slow us down.” and shot him in the face, then stomped on his helmet to destroy the AI
    I then blamed it on tallis and they all bought it.

    HaloRP was metal af
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  8. I liked how you could come up with your own story background, for example, Joshua lost his voice by an SOS and could only speak through his A.I. they both viewed the Spartan program as a failure well the Spartan 3 and 4 program at least
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  9. By Joshua I mean my own character not mustang
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  10. Racist af what the frick dude
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  11. I'm telling mom
  12. so thaaaaaat's why void was talking like that.
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  13. Half way through the ending 30 minutes I felt bad so I became Void's Ghost
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  14. I really loved the epic bullfrogs just flying around like hawks for no apparent reason
  15. Also caboose as a hunter
  16. funny enough I didn't but I had realized if we confronted you about it we would have met a similar fate
  17. [​IMG]
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