Who are you in BLN school?

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  1. 10th are emo kids

    Medcorp are band kids

    CTs are the freshman group with 1 senior friend

    add more :)
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    501st school bullies

    keeli company weird k
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  3. Republic/Clone Intelligence is just a mixed bag of speds

    Assassin's are weebs
    Shadow are hot topic hot sauce edgelords
    Purge are both
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  4. Shock are the hall monitors
  5. I am deeply insulted by the fact that you called Medics Band Kids.
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  6. Naval are the teachers and jeremy and jeorge are the principal and vice
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    212th juggs be like
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  8. judicials chads and staceys
  9. Arc are the water polo team?
  10. RC could be linebackers for the football teams
  11. Jedi are the students who attend a religious club
    Since Fee-Thek is Shock Jedi he's the hall monitor who uses the bible as a basis for correcting bad behavior
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  12. Opum is the guy who says very punny jokes who gets laughed at and bullied and then ends up coming back to school after threatening 6 times to shoot up the school... To shoot up the school, killing mainly the religious people
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  13. Dog idk what you mean I’m definitely the teacher selling drugs but writes you up for doing it
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  14. Id argue RI are the emo ones and we’re the skater kids snorting coke in the bathroom
  15. I would say Opum is more of a kid who gets bullied and then threatens to shoot up the school and no one takes him seriously and he doesn't do anything because the school is actually a boarding school in the south of england
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  16. This is so incredibly insensitive and downright offensive that i can't help but to respond.
    You're actually, unironically relativizing the death of the 317 people that have been killed in school shootings in the US alone just so you could make some sort of joke? I can't even tell if it's a joke, because basically shitting all over the memory of the 317 dead and 430 injured in these horrible, reprehensible events.
    I can't even begin to fathom what went through your head when you tiped this shit. Seriously. Is it some sort of revenge thing for the people that bullied you in school? Some unresolved trauma that made you an insensitive cunt?
    I mean Jesus H. fucking christ man, people fucking died. Children fucking died because some fucking beta loser decided to have enough, and now you're here, clearly inspired by these lunatics, somehow approving of their actions, if not even implying some sort of justification for them?
    You should probably stop playing violent videogames and talk to someone, because you're in the need of some love and help.
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  17. No opum go brr hahaha
  18. Zero Magnus would pick up the gun and continue after Opum's legacy hehe
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  19. ARF are disgusting athletes that took gymnastics class all 4 years
    Doom Company are kids who developed LGBTQ+ syndrome
    212th are the guys with cool cars
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    Keeli are the special ed class that we would give edibles to for the fun of it
    Resh's Royal Guard are the on-site resource officers
    442nd are the kids who are shit at math
    41st are the kids who speak spanish and english and make fun of people who don't know spanish
    GMs are the students who signed up for the ROTC
    Pilots are the kids who signed up for Drivers Ed for 2 years and still don't know how to drive
    108th are the students who already have a job in Sophomore year
    187th are the choir kids
    ESU signed up for engineering/shop classes and failed all of them
    Horn Company took AP Biology and passed with a D+
    612th are the nerds that try to prove communism is a good thing

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