Wow. What a Ride.

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  1. 2 Years now on these servers have led me to unbelievable times and connections. Stuff I could never really take back. I've never been one to be good at this soft mushy shit, but here we go.

    I'll do my best to talk about everyone who made an impact on me, and people I loved talking to. If I forget you do not take it personally. This is gonna be long so bare/bear nigga idk wtf bear to use but bear with me.


    Adam/Cole- From late nights talking about cancerous happenings to just screaming into your ts channel to annoy you, you've always been a genuine person. You were great to be around and talk to thanks to your calm demeanor and honestly high intelligence when it came to dealing with people. You never judged anything and took it for what it's worth. Thank you for always being a rock when it came time to vent to someone.

    Gary- Honestly you're so black I want to lynch you every time I see you. TBH hard to read someone when you don't even know their voice, but you a real ass nigga so stay golden pony boy and keep /me yes ing through life.

    This one will be to a general group. The one's who started the MW split.

    Many thought we always had hard feelings or hated each other. In my mind I always enjoyed your guys' time. From everyone to Risky who was a fucking handful. Locke who I fucking love. Bearcat who I'm fucking gay for. Arctic who I still like to talk to. There are many many more players I remember that I couldn't hope to drag on about from your guys' community in sanctuary. A few off the top were kneelegs, Jaeger, Tweak later on, Panda, and more.

    Fuze- Fucking Justin. This guy was the brother I never met. Love you kid. Go die pls.

    Grizzly- From being my XO when I was RCMDR Cody to being my superior when I was an ARC trainee. You and I had plenty of great times together and it sucks it had to end in such bad blood.

    Frost- You were a little rabbit ass looking mexican kid but I fucking loved you. Stay gay my guy.

    Pembleton- With no disrespect to other jedi, Pemby was the only Jedi I ever really considered for ARC jedi. Stay pro at RL.

    For those who made an impact in a much different manner.

    Mercy- Someone who I made a much deeper connection with beyond the game, beyond the server, beyond the clankers. Staying up late night listening to music, pulling her out of teamspeak channels before she gets herself banned, stopping mid event to take her on space ship rides in a bath tub when she was stressed out. Someone who I genuinely thought of as a friend. We clicked from day one crouch walking around the ship when I was a SGT and you were a PVT Scrubs of the 501st seeing how much trouble we could get into on the third floor. You opened my eyes to a lot of things I never thought I'd quite understand. You were always mature and level headed.(lul jk mercy rip a fucking throat out if she had to my guy). A friendship I genuinely cherished and would be hurt if it ended here. You're an awesome person.

    Resh- Man, A guy who had every reason to just over rule every decision I ever made, but had my back on every single one. For all the shit that gets talked on you I can honestly say you're one of the most loyal people I've ever met. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to run your community and I hope my involvement doesn't end here. You're gonna do great no matter what you do man. Anything you ever need I'm here for you man you gave me 2 years and more than 2200 hours of enjoyment. For that I can never repay you. Thank you.

    For my ARC who I have the respect of 1000 men for. I'm not gonna write full paragraphs out for you guys because it would just be too hard to take, but just know that when I was hard on you guys for doing shit wrong or anything it was because all I've ever wanted is the best for my family. Not my battalion my FAMILY. You guys were family when I hopped on that server. I had your guys' back until the end. Still do. I love you guys, and I know Slice will be everything I ever was and then some for you guys. You deserve nothing but the best on the server and in life. So in no particular order to those ARC who were especially loyal to me I could never ask for anything more from you guys.


    I can honestly say. I believe 100% I ran the best battalion on SWRP in GMOD hands down no questions asked. This was a family, and we performed as such. Never in my life did I think I would get so involved in a video game character, but Mustang honestly feels like a part of me at this point. I thank you all for your service. You were all special fucking ed dumb retards. Good luck.

    Now is this a goodbye? Fuck no. This is an I have no fucking clue what's happening in the future and it would be wrong for me to hold spots that other more deserving people could hold. Now, If I can come back I will never expect my positions back as that would be wrong. You guys deserve this. Now go fucking get it guys. BLN will forever hold a spot in my heart and my server list.

    Thank you for the good times.



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    thanks for not being a faggot for the most part
    riparoni mustardoli * sheds a single tear*

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  3. *sniff*
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  4. Mustang, you were the best ARC CO I've ever met. I only wish I got to know you more. I looked up to you during meetings as a beginner, and you always made me laugh whenever you fuckin' blew up like a bomb. You were this genuine cool dude who did our CO/XO meetings and so much for the CO's and community. I will forever hold you with high regard, and will forever respect you. Thank you for everything.
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  5. bye bye boi boi
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  6. My god man, we will miss you. I'll always remember the sewer walk and talk that got me to you, and I'll never forget you. I'll keep ARC good and righteous men. You can count on that. Now go live mate, we'll be here if you need us.
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  7. Stop it you big teddy bear. You already made half of us cry xD

    No in all seriousness Mustang, I know we never always got along like unicorns and rainbows, but over the extensive time I've known you on the breath of servers we've shared together I can honestly say no single individual earned more of my respect on that server. You've got one of those personalities that just leaves an impression. You inspire loyalty in every action you've taken as management, leadership and even as a human being long before all of that. Even now as you step down I am flooded with memories of the amazing adventures we got to share together. Commander headbutting aside, you became a true friend and someone I could count on to have the best interests of not just the server, but of every individual inside it; in mind.

    Not many know this, but you are what inspired me to become a commander in the first place. I lead the 501st with every intent of modelling their behavior and talents in the way you managed to within the ARC. Even though you took my two best troopers eventually I considered it an honor; I helped lift up two individuals to the point that you saw them worthy and respectable. That alone felt like my largest accomplishment on the server. I will continue to do what I can to help keep the server moving in your memory.

    Thank you again old friend! For showing me what it took to become not only a leader, but a part of this family.

  8. <3
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  9. exactly what i thot tbh
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  10. [​IMG]

    I'm actually crying. Mustang is one of the truly close friends to me. Together we're the Batman and the Robin, the unstoppable duo from the start and will eternally be to the end. I can remember the days when I'd /try/ to minge creeping around places only for you to join along and harass the CG. The days when we would fly around in a bathtub outside the ship just because I had a shit day at work, or when we both had shit days. During these past few months, I did my best to make sure no one would fuck with his name on the server. Did my very best to support him during his hard times. I could state this at the bottom of my heart if I was in an extraordinarily wealthy spot I'd give this dude money so he'll never struggle. Like for real... his laptop is shit. Complete shit. Even the wifi.

    I invited you to Hellsgamers with open arms and during those times we had a blast -- I kinda got myself into trouble while is TS, but that's okay. I can proudly call this guy a true friend. Shit. I'd even fly out there and chill with him, get a few drinks, grab some weed and party until the next day.

    I'll be waiting for your return, but no worries. I can always hit you up on snapchat and bug you from there.
    I love you, bro, <3

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  11. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  12. We've had a few laughs over the past few months. From no colliding the chairs in meetings so they'd fall to their deaths and catching eavesdroppers to sending each other messages on steam that would get me banned if I were to quote them. You've always been the guy I could have a gag with and give me advise. Good luck with the future, you fucking mongoloid cotton picking inactive negroid abusing cunt. <3
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  14. Welp. I'll miss you a lot.
    About Mustang:
    Mustang has carried me through times where I've cried and has been there to help me through it all.

    However, sad. as it is to say for us,
    We must keep in mind that IRL always come first, and Mustang's happiness and stability comes with real life first so.... I hope even if Mustang you never come back, that i hope you have a happy and a fulfilled life.

    As a christian man myself, though not the strongest, Mustang you have been a blessing, hell I'd believe it if you are an angel in disguise. Along with God's blessing of BLN and others, Mustang is one I am indebt to. I hope you have an amazing life!
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  15. Peace mate. I ain't no good at mushy shit, but have a great rest of your life.

    *Outros on guitar riff*
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  16. This guy is the prime character for a googboi

    This is the guy who is a guy you can talk to and you can have fun with. Dis boi is 283/10 the best ARC leader/person/manager/whateverthef.

    I mean, I didn't have a lot of history with you but the lil bit was pretz good. I can see why people are literally doing the 1900s American depression.

    We gon miss you consider yourself promoted to Meme Master Mustang

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    I have not been able to stop crying after reading all that. Mustang you are one of the guys who had faith in me, during a time where I was looked at as nothing. You kept me going to become stronger and better than the normal Joe. Without you keeping me in ARC when I was accidentally promoted to an ARC trooper by Nova, I don't know where I would even be. I don't think I would ever become friends with so many new people. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am now. I think I can proudly say that I will not let down what you left behind and will lead my troopers as the new ARC XO.

    See you around Josh,

  18. -1 Didn't Get a good bye.

    Nah But seriously It was a great run mustang you where always nice to me and very kind. You Always helped me out with questions and "Favors" and was there when I need you. You where also a funny guy know knew how to crack a good joke. I thought you where a great server manger the only thing I wished more from you was your activity which I understand though because some people have lives unlike us. You will always hold a place in this communities heart and no CO/XO meeting will ever be the same.

    Btw um Arc 2nd best battalion Galactic Marines with Krayt(or OG Bacara) was the best check your facts.
  19. In my opinion not even really a comparison lol. I stand by my statement.
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