Wow. What a Ride.

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  1. Mustang you were the best party boat captain a DJ could ask for. I remember numerous times staying up late having dance parties all over the server. You're a good guy, you're gonna be fine. The future is bright out there for you and you're seconds from getting its balls in a vice and making it yours. Just be a good boy and take care of yourself.

    I'm never gonna dance again.

    100% Homo.


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  2. So much homo
  3. I'm finna Bust A Tear here.. /me tries to be strong for mustang-chan's good

    I LOVE U GUY..! Much homo intended.

    Had some great times with you, from Playing Overwatch, hearing you "REEE" Playing StarWars hearing you "REEE" and those competitions on teamspeak seeing who could scream louder at like almost 2 in the morning xD... That shit may not even change...
    Most importantly though, thank you for the opportunity of being apart of this family we call ARC. I wouldn't be here as Alpha 41 without you. Had faith in me, great leadership, nothing but good times with you dude.

    This is only the 2nd Chapter out of a thicc twilight novel starring u and me niBBa. Till I meme with you again buddy.
    Thank you.. <3 <3
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  4. Heroes never quit
    They just take breaks
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  5. Feliz Navidad big boi, I miss the gay ass adventures RC and ARC had, I miss u :(
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    My face when we have to take our shit up to Resh every time we want something.
  7. [​IMG]

    No words need to be said by me. You already know how much I will miss and how I much I appreciate you. I'll just quote what I said in a previous post

    /me Salutes The greatest Legend BLN has ever seen.
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  8. Gonna miss you my dude... It's been nice having you around. My first memory of hearing about you was Duckies telling me about how cool you were. I'm glad I got to know you, You're like my biggest inspiration when it comes to leading. Your boys love you so much. I wish I could get to that level with my 41st. Take this nice little song.

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  9. It's been a good run. I met you November of 2016 and you were one of the best guys I knew then, along with Gary and Buck of course. I hope you have a good break, and have a good time with whatever you do. Just remember though.. Don't call yourself bisexual if you've never fucked a bicycle.
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  10. We didn't know each other well Mustang but the times I've seen you pop on was great I wish you good luck on your next journey in the the unknown :D
  11. I'll miss you mustang.I can honest to god say you were one of my best freinds on this server and the adventures we had of course don't match up to some of these guys who have known you for so much longer but I'm honored to have known you and been your freind. Your a genuine guy always there for someone when they need you and you know when to be serious and when to be a fucking retard. You've kept me from doing some really stupid shit sometimes and it sucks to see you go but I know you'll do good in your future endeavors as well. Hopefully you come visit sometime but until then...

    Stay frosty I love you Papi total homo tbh -Dice
  12. I love you
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  13. In my opinion fuck you
  14. Get out of the fucking thread then

  15. Damn Amigo él te asó!
  16. That's probably one of the nicest things someone has said to me.

    I'm going to miss you bro
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  17. see ya later space cowboy
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  18. But you are literally the best actor the server has ever seen. That and you know how to talk, man. You know how to get your point across in less than a sentence.
    I respect that.

    May the force be with you, in whatever you pursue next.
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  19. Oh shit why am I just seeing this...

    Farewell and good luck w/ whatever you pursue next. love you long time
  20. Even though I've been missing for the past 2-3 months, You were always in my memories. Our One year anniversary was about to come up too. Good luck with whatever your doing.

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