Wulfric's Report: The "Binding"

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  1. The following report has been sent to the Jedi temple.

    Report made by: Guardian Wulfric Kneelegs.
    Current station: Burst Link Venator
    Date of Report: 04/22

    Last night, during a mission to retrieve a Sith Holocron that had been secured by the CIS, a supernatural disturbance occurred. The Holocron was located in a Sith tomb. Once the army entered, the resting spirit of the Sith known as Darth Nihilus became enraged. Some undead attacked us before the spirit of Nihilus himself rose to attack.

    It was a vicious battle. Many of the other Jedi could not see for whatever reason. Could have been Sith tricks. I was the one to land the defeating blow. The spirit fled after.
    The Holocron then started to glow a bright, white color. The spirit of the former Arch-Grandmaster, Crow, appeared before us.

    He wished to become "Bound" to one of us. He told us that he would help us and give us the strength needed to protect others. I know that Jedi don't normally desire strength, but I accepted his offer. We need all the help we can...

    He entered my body in a bright flash of light. Nothing has happened as of yet, but I do feel different... It's difficult to explain. Once we sealed the tomb in the mountain and left the planet, something felt... different. Almost like the force itself is different. I can't feel it as well as the Counselors, so I can't describe it as well.
    I have nothing else to report on the binding. Nothing else has happened since then. As soon as something does happen, I will make a follow- up report about it.
    May the force be with you.
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  2. This is my follow up report.

    Today, the Spirit of the past Crow spoke to me for a little while. He first asked if we had any artifacts on the ship. I have never had to store one away, so I couldn't say if we did or not.
    Then, he warned me about other spirits that may try to forcefully bind with others, and relates to how he died to Revan. A vision quickly followed of Crow, Master Shay and Stevenson fighting Revan's forces.
    It's also just been revealed that he can taste the food I eat. This might also mean that he can see what I see and feel what I feel.
    if anything else happens, I will send a follow up to this follow-up report.
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  3. More developments have taken place.

    It has now been confirmed that Crow and I are completely connected, or "as one" as he put it. He sees what I see, feels what I feel, and so on.
    We also have access to each other's memories. He's gone through my memories, and I've seen some of his. I'd like to think that a sense of boundaries has been placed between the two of us, as he doesn't go around showing me memories of his whenever he feels like it. He asks first (other than the one time he just went and did it, but there was a good reason for it.). The same goes for me, as he won't dig through my head without permission.

    After a grilled cheese lunch, he asked me what I plan to do with him. If I'm being honest, I didn't have an answer at first, but I decided to work with him to end this war and the threat that the current Crow poses to the universe.
    After that, he wanted to know if we were going to kill evil Crow if we defeat him. I told him that if he leaves us with no other option, we will. A Jedi only takes life when they have to. He was happy with my answer but had concerns towards fellow Guardian, Koriander Stratton...
    He showed me a memory from his past when he was locked in a cell on the Burst Link. He and Guardian Stratton were left alone, and she used that time to attempt to kill him. At the time, Crow was unarmed and weakened from battle. This attempt on his life is proof that Guardian Stratton is straying from the Jedi path.

    I've been aware of Guardian Stratton's personal problems for some time now and have always given her the benefit of the doubt, but now that Crow is a part of me, I can't help but wonder if she'll attempt something...
    I still want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I think it'll be in my best interest to keep an eye on her for now. It's comforting at least that Crow understands how difficult it is to believe that Guardian Stratton is slowly turning into a Grey Jedi, as he put it.

    I'll be sharing my findings with General Resh, and giving access to the troopers stationed on the Burst Link. Fights have started in the past over information not being shared, and I want to break that cycle.

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  4. Small update:

    During a mission involving lightsaber wielding droids, Crow came out of my body and had a look around some facility we were in. He made comments about the droids and the facility, as well as the person Carmine seemed to have some history with. He also noted how aggressive the Jedi got when this person was getting weak.
    He made many comments but did not act.

    Last night, we were in a tough situation and I tried to ask Crow for some help. He had a look at the situation and then decided not to. He told me "He's seen worse".
    Everything turned out for the better, but I can see his reasoning for not helping. I can't become dependant on his power. If I do, I won't be able to improve myself.
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  5. Small Update:

    It's been 21 cycles since the spirit of Vice-Grandmaster Crow spoke to me or appeared. I'm getting the feeling that he's staying hidden because he senses that his presence is not welcomed among the other Jedi, and is trying to avoid conflict.
    I have not yet noticed any changes about me either... Not since Crow bounded himself to me.

    I recall him saying that the longer he stays inside me, the stronger he can become. After almost a month, he must have gained some kind of power boost, but I have not felt it.
    I have discussed this with other Jedi, and they jump to the conclusion that Crow is trying to siphon me dry to power himself, but they're far too paranoid. I haven't felt any different.

    There are so many Jedi aboard the Burst Link who are afraid of Crow... It's a bit unsettling. I'm sure that they have their reasons, but we are Jedi. We shouldn't be overcome by fear...

    Maybe Crow has the right idea to stay hidden...
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