Xander's Duality.

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  1. To become a sparrow you don't have to be a crow.” - Munia Kahn

    Xander and the rest of the Burst Link Network had crashed onto a barren wasteland. This wasteland seemed to be the result of some explosive device of massive capability, but this land posed no threat to the Troops and the Jedi. Xander was obviously confused, as he wasn't sure how they all got there, but soldiers seemed to have been killed under the rubble of some crashed LAAT's, so he helped with that first. After pulling out a couple of the bodies from under the ruined LAAT's, someone had spoken into their comm's. It wasn't a voice whom he heard before, but it was new. It seemed dark, yet timid. This was something he never really understood, but he soon did when he learned who it belonged to. Lord Crow, a revanite, had crashed their LAAT's on this barren planet to get a good fight from his Master, Koriand'r, and from the rest of the Burst Link. Koriand'r left with the Corrupted Crystals, but no one really knew why. It was to summon something...but it had been unclear.

    After some time, Crow's minion's had been wiped out and his base had been blown into smithereens. But this gave time for Xander to talk to Crow.

    "Crow...I am sympathetic for you. I recognize you as a strong person." Xander says as he bows with honor, clearly trying to state that he didn't hate Crow for what side he actually picked.

    "Then why don't you join me?" Crow asked Xander, some clear intent of wanting Xander to join the Revanite showing within his voice, as it changed from a dark and nervous tone to a more calmed and natural voice.

    This made Xander think. His curiosity caught the better of him as he pulled Crow to the side, away from Obi-Wan, Rid, and the others to talk to Crow. They talked for a bit, as Xander shared his secret views of the Jedi Order and the Sith, in which Crow gave answer's of what he thought. Obi-wan soon approached Xander though, speaking the truth like always.

    "Have you gone mad you fool?! Are you really considering joining him?!" Obi-Wan said, clearly enraged by the stupidity Xander was showing at the moment, talking to a Revanite like it was another Jedi.

    "No...but I need to go think." Xander said, clearly unsure. Crow was already getting to him, making him think in ways he usually wouldn't. Xander than Force Leaped away, going to a more secluded place to meditate and focus his thoughts.

    Xander sat down on the barren dirt ground, his legs crossing and his hands resting on his legs, which was the normal meditation stance for any Jedi. The world began to shift around him in his mind, as he focused onto the force. His environment switched to his home, inside a giant hollow tree.

    He meditated on a secluded perch in the middle, his posture relaxing as he felt two presences. One red orb appeared to his right, it glowing intensely as it pulsated. A blue orb also appeared to his left, glowing just as intense as the other orb. The Orb's than began to hiss out word's, whispering to him. "Come to me...We can give you the power to save all that has perished...and those whom you need to save now..." the Red Orb whispered, it tempting Xander with further power. Xander's left eye than turned a bright yellow, as if to represent his thought's on how the Jedi Order and the Sith has flaws, not so black and white like what Jedi say it is. "Come to me young one...You know it's wrong to pursue power from the dark..." the Blue Orb whispered, Xander listening to both sides carefully. He wasn't sure which to choose...He wanted to save other's, but he wanted to do it in the right way. He wanted to be kind, compassionate, but strong enough to be the one to save other's. He knew the Sith had power's the Jedi won't ever tap into, but he knew one thing.

    He can't fall into the Dark. He will never betray his mother, or his master.

    Xander stood up, hearing the footsteps of Crow behind him, as well as a couple of other's footsteps. Rid, who became a apprentice of Crow's already. Crow then asked a question Xander already had the answer to.

    "Have you made your decision Xander?" Crow asked, letting his voice slip more into a Sith sounding tone, a little more assertive now.

    "Yes. I won't join you." Xander said, a more aggressive side coming out of him as well, matching Crow's. It was odd how he resolved this so quickly.

    "Are you serious? Why are you resisting? The Jedi can't tap into the power we hold, we can give you the power to save whoever you want!" Crow yelled, clearly mad that Xander denied. "You are the strongest duelist in the galaxy! Join us!" He yelled out, putting out a hand.

    "No! My mother never wanted this, and I won't betray my master or my friends!" Xander yelled back as vision's from Crow began to flood his eyes. His master, stabbed by the Clone Assassin Leader Genji, dying on the floor in front of him.

    "You weren't strong enough you weakling!" Koriand'r yelled as she was then stabbed again and killed. Xander formed tears as more and more people he cared about beginning to appear and then killed. "I trusted you!" Master Ostrava yelled as he was the shot down by Frody. "We all trusted you!" Master Saint Al yelled out as he was killed by the 212th.

    Xander was forming more and more tears, beginning to lose all will as he then saw his fellow Padawan, Obi-Wan. "You were my brother Xander! I loved you..." Obi-Wan said as he was the killed by Fixer. Xander almost gave up at this point, until a voice rang in his ears. "Don't give in...son." A feminine voice called out, as a warm feeling filled Xander. "Don't give in!" A male voice called out from outside the vision as more Clone shot and killed Jedi within the vision. 5 Clones then went behind Xander, aiming their guns at the back of his head. It was Genji, Fixer, Frody, and 2 other's he couldn't make out.

    "Join me or Die Xander. I will kill all of your friends as well if you don't." Crow said as other trooper's yelled out how selfish Xander was being, but the voice of his Mother still pleaded for Xander to hang in there. To not fall into darkness.

    "This all can't happen...can it...?" Xander asked as he clutched onto his Saber hilt roughly. He knew it was his time to choose now, and he had his decision set in stone, through all this fear, guilt, and misery.

    "I won't join you! My Mother and my Master wouldn't want this! My mother will always be with me within my heart, as long as I am a Jedi!" He yelled out, to Crow's disappointment.

    "So be it. I won't kill you, but they will." Crow said as he lifted a finger, and the Clones blasted at him. Xander took a shot to the head, but he force leaped away to safety, regaining himself as the Clones and now fellow Jedi were hunting him.

    "Will you kill your friends Xander?! If need be?!" Crow yelled out as the Clones and Jedi searched the barren wasteland for Xander, hunting to kill him. Xander panted as he hid behind a hill, panting as he was collecting himself.

    "I will to survive!" Xander said as Crow's Apprentice, Rid, Jumped him. But Xander quickly stabbed his saber through Rid's chest, effectively killing him, but in cost for this, Rid's dual saber's scratched his arm a bit. He cringed in pain as he got up and began to run again, Jedi and Clones following him. Xander was making good ground until the Jedi Force Leaped in front of him, stopping him dead in his tracks. One of the Jedi's hit Xander in the arm as he charged, but Xander mostly dodged it and kept running, as he didn't want to kill anyone else.

    "STOP!" A voice yelled as the illusion was suddenly broken, Crow's LAAT flying off as Xander regained his vision of reality. Obi-Wan had broken the hold of the vision on Xander, in which Xander fell to the ground exhausted. A lightsaber seemed to pierce his arm all the way through, leaving a gaping hole. He was also badly cut and shot at, some burns showing where he was shot at. He took the lightsaber out and thrown it away, panting as he laid on the ground. Obi-Wan helped the other's out of the Illusion and so did his Master, Koriand'r.

    Obi-Wan was heavily concerned for Xander during all of this. He hoped that his friend didn't fall to the dark side of the force, but Xander seemed to be still attached to the Light Side of the force through brute will alone. It was uncommon for a mere Padawan to have this much will to stay aligned with one side of the force. But nonetheless, he saw a LAAT land nearby, and went to it.

    Xander went to the LAAT and hopped on it, riding it back to the Venator with his Master and fellow Padawan. But this experience will never be forgotten by Xander. He is mentally scared with the vision of his allies killing his fellow Jedi and Friends, even his Master as well. But this made him want to grow even stronger, to prevent this from happening. He will become stronger for the sake of his friends and family, but there is another reason as well.

    So he can survive against Crow next time.

    [This was the summary of what happened on 5/6/2018. This will begin the Character Arc and development of Xander Llavius, and will allow me to incorporate his history and backstory into the BLN universe. I would like to thank Resh for taking time out of his day to make this happen within BLN, whether it was planned or not.]
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