Xenu's Republic Commando Subbattalion

Discussion in 'Donations' started by DahXenu, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. Like my dick XDDDDDDDDD
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  2. This is an laughter quote, marvel at it's beauty compared to shapes.
  3. How long did that take to do
  4. As long as my DICK X D D D D D
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  5. If it's so large, how come you're not still doing it?
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  6. Yeah, it's pretty long
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  7. you mean,as long as my dick xDDDDDDD
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  8. What year is this coming to the server?
  9. well its been coded
  10. Or has it?
  11. no lol
    xenu never reminded me like i asked when i was free last weekend
  12. oh iris told me it was coded so i didn't bother
  13. @jedijoebp you fucking idiot
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  14. Same
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  15. Aren't we all just happy Iris has a high IQ or what?
  16. iris you tard
  17. tf i swear you said it was coded
  18. if its coded its playable
  19. upload_2017-12-7_18-47-15.png
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