Xyrus Kra's Jedi Model

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    Email/Name used to donate: shelley.bain@outlook.com

    Amount Paid: $20

    Package(s) You Purchased: Normal Tier Custom Model

    Additional Information/Armor designs: Alright so basically I want these added to my already existing custom model...
    -A full beard
    -Robotic eye
    -Some tali marks on the helmet and armour
    -make the armour look dirty and used
    -A different hairstyle [model maker chooses]
    -PLEASE make my visor cracked
    -and as for the bodygroup I want added how about a DC-15 in a holster on my left thigh

    [I want the model to like look battle scarred y'know]

    [Joining CA so I'ma needa kama and recolour]
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  2. I updated the post.
  3. Looks like Anakin but with more face damage.
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    I can't change the title of the post but it's not a model for jedi anymore.
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  5. when i popped off

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