YapYap back to naval

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Do girls really just wanna have fun?

  1. Yes, Oh girls just wanna have fun

  2. shut up yapyap tired of your shit already

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  1. Hello, Boy and Girls. Also Hi Resh
    Before I began I just wanna say that there's no one on the server anymore and that's sad. ma try my best to get some people on it so I can once again read song lyrics to 10 people until they join in.

    This is a Petition to bring YapYap back to his position of naval, he's a cool guy and well best at naval
    credit to crim <3
    [​IMG]credit to authority

    This is a simple suggestion and very valid offer -Thanks you
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  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS more naval friends. also wasnt the first thing i did when yapyap got unbanned was saying to join naval
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