Young Gare Bear (gary)

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  1. this MAN deals with so much shit and handles many good situations and does everything good and all he has to say is oh ok! very helpful young man in terms of modelmaking and activity. he does a shit ton for the server. good boy, gary. good boy.
  2. Honestly, he kind of sucks.
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  3. NA , is a great goog nice goog cool goog thicc goog Juggy leader
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  4. I thought this was gonna be a fanfiction... As much as i hate to admit it Gary would be the one fanfiction I'd read.
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  5. too thicc for me but hes a pretty swole male
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  6. no!!!! gary turned his entire 212th on mewhen he was debriefing 212th wtf ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    just kidding i love you gary
  7. Kirk: poor me, I couldn't train any one to help maintain the bridge

    Gary: Cry a stream for me

    Kirk: Copy

    ):I , jk still love you no homo tho?
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  8. 212th Captain Gary to You: You are literally the definition of a Virgin Jedi
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