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    Email/Name used to donate: Credits were given to me by Resh cause I bought him a game

    Amount Paid: 10 Credits

    Package(s) You Purchased: Normal Model

    Additional Information/Armor designs: Now that 10th is announced I can finally redeem this shit. I am making the model with help from Gary if that is alright. Just doing this so its documented

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  2. denied

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  3. hello can i have uhhhhhh wizard from overwatch of fortnite legends

  4. I found his lore video
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  5. holy shit he is clash royale of clans wizard
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  6. he's not just clash of clans wizard he's keemstar too btw
  7. download.jpg

    It all suddenly makes sense
  8. can we add this to the 10th is gru please?
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  9. No.
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  10. the ultimate bump
  11. bring back clash of clans wizard or i scream
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