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  1. Kong

    Normal Tier Custom Model - Caesar O'gara (12/14/2022)

    Name: Kong Discord Username if you have one: CraftPixel#7206 Email/SteamID used to purchase: STEAM_0:1:92183832 Receiver's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92183832 Package Purchased: Normal Tier Custom Model Additional Information: Total Bodygroups: Outer-Robes (Already have mesh) Jedi-Rebreather...
  2. Kong

    Caesar O'gara - Journal

    CHAPTER ONE: SHIFT IN THE FORCE Entry Log #2: Ever since I took my leave from the Burst Link Venator nothing has felt the same. Grandmaster Yoda requested I return to the Temple on Coruscant to educate a new generation of younglings, a small yet pivotal task. There, I found myself repeating...
  3. Kong

    Caesar O'gara - Journal

    INTRODUCTION: A NEW BEGINNING Entry Log #1: I believe it is time for a fresh start, something new. With everything that has happened during this war, this new start will lead to something brighter. I have burned the original journal, and all copies I have made of it, leaving no trace of my...
  4. Kong

    Staff Application - Kong

    Steam Name:  Kong   SteamID:  STEAM_0:1:92183832   Hours played on the server: Old Serverbox: 19+ weeks New Serverbox: 2w 23h 42m (As of writing this)   Do you have any previous experience moderating servers?:      Roughly 2016, I was Head Admin for Kryptonic ZombieRP but since then...
  5. Kong

    Force Surge Nerf

    Type of Bug: Nerf Severity Level (1-3): 1.5 Description of the Bug: Stacking of Force Surge can apply multiple affects too a single person and give unfair health. How to recreate: Rather than have Force Surge increase health by a percentage, maybe have it increase by 150 HP. Screenshots or other...
  6. Kong

    Missing Jedi Donator Hilts

    Type of Bug: Missing Content Severity Level (1-3): 1 Description of the Bug: The previous donator hilts for Jedi are no longer in the content packs. These were hilts Resh added too the server that could be donated for. How to recreate: Re-add them too the server. Screenshots or other evidence...
  7. Kong

    Jedi Order Announcement

        Good morning, afternoon, and night everyone, As the previous administration lead by Clayton Carmine, Zana Yujo, and Jin Silv'nner comes to an end, any previous document about the Jedi Order is no longer active. Former rosters, rules, and anything retaining to the Jedi Order are now...
  8. Kong

    Conquest of Agoliba Ena

      Level 4 Inhabitable Planet Nickname: World of Ice 'Agoliba Ena'       Planet Name: Agoliba Ena Planetary System: Agoliba-Tu System Primary Terrain: Ice & Snow Current Inhabitants: Verglas Organization [HOSTILE]                       Cleknoin Race [NEUTRAL]                     ...
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