1. Kong

    Caesar O'gara - Journal

    INTRODUCTION: A NEW BEGINNING Entry Log #1: I believe it is time for a fresh start, something new. With everything that has happened during this war, this new start will lead to something brighter. I have burned the original journal, and all copies I have made of it, leaving no trace of my...
  2. K


    Follow the proper format or your team will not be accepted. RULES: 1. Teams must consist of 1 Jedi and 3 Clones 2. All contestants must be on for the tournament ahead of time 3. Jedi's and Clones must follow the rules assigned to them 4. No use of the grapple hook Jedi Rules: 1...
  3. T

    did I do something wrong

    When I arrived at the server so I was not whitlista to weapon fleet, I asked an admin if he could whitliste me fleet, it could not he because there were too many minge fleet and that I could not be fleet and i need to talk to crow about it or something. I can say more in game. what I wonder is...
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    Fleet model Girl

    is ok if we can add the Sci-Fi Citizens v4 fleet Zoey model instead of the Mass effect model? the model are in the game already it just need to be put in the fleet job. this starwars not mass effect. soo i hopp it is ok to add it. ps sorry for bad English. (lopez/maria)
  5. R

    What it may come to.

    Dear Burst Linkers, We've done what we could to advertise the server, make it look appealing. But it isn't working. We're following the same cycle we followed exactly in November and December. We did the exact same gamemode switches: Halo RP to Military Zombie Apocalypse RP. And the...