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    Reduced Activity for a bit

    I'll be at my Grandma's for most of this week so I won't be able to get on BLN much or maybe at all. So have a good week :) ඞ
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    Bubbs' ARC Roster

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    read title.
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    BLN Phase 2 Update

    BLN Phase Two Press Release A change to BLN in both gameplay, and community. About the update: Before we get into the meat of the update and what you’re all mainly here for, I’m going to go over changes Acapella brought me that many of you requested and I’ve looked at.     The first thing...
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    Follow the proper format or your team will not be accepted. RULES: 1. Teams must consist of 1 Jedi and 3 Clones 2. All contestants must be on for the tournament ahead of time 3. Jedi's and Clones must follow the rules assigned to them 4. No use of the grapple hook Jedi Rules: 1...
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    Jedi Roster - REVAMP

    Burst Link Jedi Order Roster Jedi Masters: [38] Master Caeser O'gara [RC Advisor][SL] [5] Master Mohn Philton [Gold] [5] Master Clayton Carmine [41st Jedi General][HS][KaiDe][Sky] [6] Master Wulfric Kneelegs [NP]...