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BLN Phase Two Press Release

A change to BLN in both gameplay, and community.

About the update:

  • Before we get into the meat of the update and what you’re all mainly here for, I’m going to go over changes Acapella brought me that many of you requested and I’ve looked at.
  • The first thing I’d like to address is Issues in Roleplay. Players should be exerting more effort into serious RP. We lack noticeable enough seriousness to be good at that. We need more players to put in Roleplay effort, which includes COs and XOs, as well as infantry. Additionally, please, do not meme on those who put in the effort, remove the stigma guys. There shouldn’t be any self-sabotage from CO's or any of that jazz. Don't try and set yourself up to be mingey all the time. One thing that off puts people from roleplay is the open-endedness and conflicts from different policies. We need to clearly define the roleplay hierarchy, guidelines, and regulations Clarifying these will be the goal of the CO/XO team and we will release an official forum document with such soon.
  • Next is what you guys called the “Dead battalion issue”. Do not hold battalions to the standard of dead ones. If a battalion is dead and something new comes along to "take away from their purpose" it doesn’t matter that much.
  • The next one is a heavy topic for some people, but I’ll address it because I hope to make BLN an overall more welcoming place. Keeping the community defined is incredibly important to a server like ours. It’s tightly knit, with a clear sense of goof in what we do on server and off. If we were to be serious 24/7, we'd all be miserable, so don’t be afraid to goof around with pals, this is what will keep us up. KEEP THE COMMUNITY A COMMUNITY.
  • We’re going to be beating down on toxicity in the sense of superiority complexes amongst others, a general sense of toxic issues. Just treat all players with respect and consideration, discuss ideas reasonably and make it a place where ideas can be expressed and there aren’t boundaries constructed between certain groups of players. However, my personal note I’ll say is don’t be afraid to criticize someone if you find what they are doing is wrong or you don’t agree with, but also don’t be an asshole. Don’t disrespect man, don’t do it to staff, COs, XOs or players in general. Just don’t be an asshole like it’s that simple.
  • The next thing I was asked to say is anyone in a position of power should strive to be great at what they do. CO/XOs need to work, the EM team has to work, the staff has to work. Put in the effort.
  • Now on my own issues. I’ve been told to be more trusting in general, so that people may do stuff while I’m gone if they are willing to put in the work. I’ll be sure to have more faith and trust in the players and work on my trust issues and I think something I’ll announce later in this read you’ll like hopefully that’s a step towards better-ness if that’s a word. I’ll also try to do more codings and stuffs more frequent.

On to the meat of the update!

  • BLN is proud to finally present the transition to phase 2. With the main changes being the armor being released. This includes a new model for the battalion, and for the CO/XO jobs. When any battalion changes to phase 2, they are given better armor in their loadout, and their weapons replaced by the upgraded HD variant.
  • Along with that, phase 2 update adds a brand new LFS LAAT. All the weapons work, everything is animated, has 1 driver, 3 gunner seats and 13 passenger seats.
  • We have removed many non-lore battalion jobs off the F4 Menu to clear up space as requested. Those jobs are copied and pasted elsewhere for easy pasting.
  • We also have plans to get a new logo, as well as in the future a new launch page and the possibility of a website dark mode, suggested by an epic user I can’t think of right now.
  • We are currently taking loading screen images. Send me some and if I like any you’ll be rewarded
  • We will be testing and adding a dialogue NPC system for EMs to use and NPCs to permanently put on the ship for simple dialogue. However, any EMs should not being using these NPCs for non-serious intentions and should not be using it heavily for an event.

  • First off, we are adding one-time use weapons on the f4 menu you will be able to purchase using your in-game Republic credits.

  • Secondly, for Jedi, we are planning to add various buyable hilt parts using your in-game credits. This will not be part of the phase two update but just want to announce we plan for this.
  • We also are adding an emote system (No, not dancing emotions) Emotes that are serious emotes that you can unlock, exclamation point or like an emote that says "RALLY ON ME" or "FOR THE REPUBLIC". VIP will get more emote slots and be able to purchase exclusive emotes

  • Lastly, my own selfish distaste and trust issues of discord are gone, and anyone is free to make battalion discords. I’d like to apologize for my dictatorship about my personal issue about discord and I’ve realized that it only limited BLN’s growth and showed me as cowardeous because it was. Along with this, we are opening up an official BLN discord where new players and old can join. To clarify, this will be a welcoming place for players of all kinds, and moderated more heavily than my personal discord, for example. The BLN discord features a bot where you can select up to two-battalion roles to be under, which allow you to chat in those battalion specific chats. Anyone can see any battalion chat, however, you can only speak in the battalion roles you choose. Currently, we are in the process of adding a bot or system where you can CHOOSE to sign up for event notifications, server updates, etc instead of being pinged by force by me and the others.

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