Colonel Shen



Name CT-7246 "Shen"

Gender Male

Species Human/Clone

Allegiance Grand Army of The Republic, Medical Corps

Weapons used Long-barreled DC-15s Carbine, DC-15s recharging blaster pistol, Defibs

Gear Standard Armor, painted purple with medical corps logo.

Sexuality Unknown


Shen was born on the rainy ocean planet of Kamino, as well with the rest of the troops of the Grand Army. When Shen had the option to join a battalion, instead of joining the the 212th, he instead joined the Medical Corps to help his brothers. Which, in his view, was the greatest thing of all time, since he enjoys saving lives rather than taking lives. He had earned his name "Shen" as there is an ancient (Chinese) god of healing known as "Shen", his previous nickname is unknown. However, during the Siege of the CIS Planet Akuria, The Nega Nebulus ship was attacked from CIS ships. Shen was in one of the side hangers with infantry when suddenly he took down a Vulture droid, and the Vulture droid crashed into him. The Vulture Droid's sharp wings cut his legs off, and now he spends his time in a wheelchair, treading his life more carefully than ever before.

Status: Unknown


Pvt. Pancake

dis nibba's legs broke in like .5 then tried to mfin hang himself, RIP


5355 Ricky

Is this the back story thing that I heard about? If so I still gotta do it



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Jul 27, 2016
Colonel Shen was found by Wizard via comms under attack in a Medical outpost on Akuria by the CIS...may he rest in peace