Galactic Republic Navy: Rearmed and Reconstituted




Personnel Records: (Republic Navy>5th Fleet>IAG>Burst Link)


Venator Class Attack Cruiser

Designation: Burst Link




Flung head long into war the Republic's primary peacekeeping forces are pressed into service to defeat the separatist and reunify the Republic in every far flung corner of the galaxy. The Naval forces are made up of non-clone volunteers drawing officers and experts from the increasingly defunct Judicial Department as well as soldiers and crewmen from planetary defense forces across Republic Territory. Together these non-clone forces are the Soldiers of the Sector Ranger Corps providing expertise in infantry weapons and squad tactics working in strong conjunction with the Cadre of the Naval Officer Corps providing an assortment of personnel adept in communications, navigation, advanced sensors, and ship-based weapons systems as well ground based resource acquisition, management, and deployment.


These are the stories of the men and women of
Hell's Venator and the Soldiers of Chosen Company.

Officer Commanding:

Ensign Jeremy B. Hone

Executive Officer:

Staff Sergeant Gabriel Anderson

Jedi Affiliates:

Master Clayton Carmine

Felix Keyes

Judicial Forces Sub-Commander:


Officer Corps Sub-Commander:


Recruiting & Retention:





Master Sergeant Kōgō Heika (Marksman Lead)

Master Sergeant Chamunda Killian (Javelin Lead)

Sergeant "Turtle"

Private "Blazing Crow"






Staff Sergeant John O'Ailin

Specialist Jazz Kaiske

Specialist Sebastione Kohrs

Private First Class Leapri Anwar

Private First Class Zulfrin Kitsune

Private First Class Vitch Milanko

Private First Class Ian Prelino

Private Nikolai Lafreund

Private Bill Burton

Private Nopo List

Private Jörn von Stroheim

Private Sarah Davis

Private Anton Ackerman

Private Aleksander Smith

Private Justin Trout

Private Hugo Valier

Private Dylan Henry

Private Crespo Wride

Private Sarah Connor

Private John Connor

Private Peyton Green

Private Preston Bean


PERSONNEL ROSTER: (Burst Link>Bridge Crew>Command Staff)...

Officer Cadre:

Master Chief Petty Officer Jeorg Jeorgson

Master Chief Petty Officer Single

Senior Chief Petty Officer Dess

Petty Officer 2nd Class Keeg

Senior Petty Officer Drasta

Petty Officer 3rd Class Akuma




(*To be Followed at All Times On Penalty of Removal from Battalion*)

* This is a value's based organization. *

Above all all other considerations Integrity and Respect are to be maintained at all times.

Lying, bullying, antagonizing, and engaging in behaviors that hurt others and ruin the experience for others will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


* I do not care how large the battalion. *

None of that is important to me, because you are more than a number to me and I am not afraid to reject or remove any candidate or member who is ruining the experience for others and I will not accept mean spirited people into the battalion just to appear larger or more active. It is important that the members within this battalion do their very best to have fun, participate, and grow in character.


* This is a Battalion focused on thoughtful roleplay first and foremost. *

If you get your kicks by running, gunning, and sweeping the floor of battle droids, this may not be the place for you. Both the Sector Rangers and The Officer Corps have unique tools and equipment, but if are not using your mind as well as the weapons you are given than you are not living up this battalions vision and your own potential.

We prefer the challenge of working together, moving methodically, and functioning as a team that supports one another in order to build an experience that is creative and interesting without making it feel like you have whisked away to a Mil-Sim Server.


* I expect all soldiers to apply and practice what they have been taught even if I am not present. *

We are a team, if I am loading into the server and I expect to find that the other members of the battalion are together supporting one another, are on comms, and actively trying to apply the skills that we invest our own time and energy into learning.


* Work Hard, Play Hard. *

I expect a focused and driven attitude when we're on mission, and when we're off missions we relax, unwind, and enjoy the finer things. Give me your all in the fight and live up to our values when the fights over and I promise in return we will do our utmost to look out for you as a soldier of this battalion.


* Communication is Key *

We have a Teamspeak channel. We have a Radio Channel reserved for us on the server. We all have Steam, a group chat, and most of us have Discord. Use these things. It is expected of each member of the Battalion to add me on Steam so I can easily get a hold of you if necessary.

Also talk to one another, spend time hanging out outside of Garry's Mod it builds friendships and helps keep the battalion strong and united.





Battalion Reference Material:

For Ease of Understanding: The Justice Department oversees both the Courts and Law Enforcement within the Grand Republic. Subordinate to the Justice Department is the ROCI consider this organization a Galactic Police Department including Detectives, Peace Officers, and other subordinate agencies. Subordinate to the ROCI is the Republic Security Force whose agents, known as Judicials, act as the Grand Republics national police force. Chosen Company and the rest of 1st Battalion, 125th Infantry are in essence a RSF Special Weapons Team pressed desperately into service. If Shock are Military Police Officers. Then the Judicials are FBI Agents. However in his stage of the war, the only remaining elements of the Judicial Department not curtailed by Chancellor Palpatine are those remaining members of Chosen Company afforded the title of Sector Ranger.

This Thread is for the benefit of myself, my soldiers, and staff. Please do not reply to this thread except in circumstances dictated by myself or my XO. If a post or reply is made on this thread that detracts from or disrupts the purpose of this thread I will ask you to remove it.

Refer all Questions, Comments, and Concerns to myself or my XO via Steam, Discord, or PM on the forums.

Thank you.


Est. 8/22/2020

Updated 4/26/2021

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