History of Ravenia

Jul 23, 2021
The Burst Link
Complete History of Ravenia

Ravenia is a Planet along the Rimma Trade Route and a major exporter of small arms. The planet is rich with history as it traces its past to the Old Republic Era. It has several continents and a moon by the name of Crowven.

Part I: The Old Republic


Ravenia was founded during the time of the Old Republic as a Colony, the fledgling colony was quite successful for the first few years of its existence. During the Mandalorian Wars, it was under immediate threat of a Mandalorian raiding party which would have meant the end for the new colony but Republic Forces under the new command of a Jedi named Revan were able to save the Colony, in the aftermath they named themselves after their savior, Revania is what they would now be called. However, as time went on Translation errors throughout thousands of years of history later gave its name of Ravenia.

During the Cold War, Ravenia was a neutral world, although, under immense pressure to pick a side in the conflict between the Sith and the Republic, Ravenia managed to remain largely Independent with its selling of arms to both sides of the war. This is the era where Ravenia’s militarism began to rise believing that a strong army and fleet could discourage larger powers from conquering them.

Part II: The High Republic

Entering the High Republic Era, Ravenia’s political system was in hot water with many of the political parties arguing about the insignificant details of Policies and Agendas. Capitalizing on this, many of the corporations and worlds of the Republic began pushing for a seizing of Ravenia, after large amounts of lobbying and propaganda of Ravenia’s plans for galactic conquest with their large military and their “Sith academies”. The Jedi Council convinced, infiltrated Ravenia in an event that would go on to be called The Day of the Burning Flag. After the already weakened Ravenian government lost some of their most influincian leaders, they were completely paralyzed. Before Ravenian Forces could even ready, A coup was launched by Pro-Republic Ravenians and Jedi. All Ravenian Leaders of the time were arrested by Republic Forces on the crime of Warmongering. The Grand Duchy of Ravenia was formed along with the fleet and army being decommissioned, a myriad of unfair trade treaties that would leave the people of Ravenia bitter and vengeful for generations to come.

Part III: The Clone Wars


At the beginning of the War, inspired by Grievous’ Victory at Hypori and how the Republic can be defeated, The Ravenians went into a mass revolt, and the Ravenian Royal Family was overthrown. In the short aftermath, an influential Pro-Independence politician by the name of Korith Lent was sworn into office and made an official request to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Around this time, The Nova Flake became the leading symbol of Ravenian independence and Freedom, with it symbolizing that despite all fires around it, the Flake remains unmelted and unwavering to the Heat, its beautiful and indestructible, just as their way of life.

During the Later half of the war, the Ravenian Home Fleet received a message, that they were Republic battle plans. When the Republic launched the invasion of Ravenia the whole Republic Fleet was caught in a trap, multiple Republic ships such as The Karellen, The Arrestor, The Pilum, and more were destroyed.

The Burstlink managed to assault a base on the Ravenian moon of Crowven and sent a shutdown order to the CIS Fleet. Several fully equipped battalions of the 442nd were sent planetside to quickly capture key regions of the Planet but by the time the Republic had arrived the whole Planet was up in arms and most of the Republic Forces were repelled.

135,000 Casualties. 56,000 Clones died from the very first few days of the Invasion. Even the battle-hardened Burstlink was Repelled from Mos Alto in the North. Around 93% of all Operations failed, Although Captain Teer Glassen and the Crew of the Venator Frontier crashed, Lieutenant Grunwald strayed from the Invasion Plan and captured the large city of Yvensburg. Grunwald was promoted to Captain and granted the Republic Seal of Service. Yvensburg became one of the most important HQs on the planet with all supplies and reinforcements flooding through it.

Today, the Republic Forces on the Planet are weakened.
The CIS's Abilities and Influence are weakened.
Ravenia Stands Strong.
Showing how a Free People can Fight.
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