Iodine Staff App.

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Oct 14, 2021
Steam Name:

Fruit Digital



Hours played on the server:


Do you have any previous experience moderating servers?:

I have previous experience moderating a newer server that goes by Exodus. I moderated there for about 3 months to help it get a footing since it was a recovery server for another server that had become dead or toxic. Unfortunately I have left the server as my own life was getting in the way of maintaining activity on BLN and Exodus. I managed to get up to full admin in that time, trusted to maintain player peace and train and whitelist new players so they can get into the thick of the RP of the server asap.

Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?:

I have been punished once before when I was fresh to the EM team. I had immaturely decided to abuse my power to "have my own fun" during an on ship event just because I doubted the quality of another EMs abilities. I was kicked for 3 hours and took that time to evaluate what I had done and the effect it had on the EM and others. For the rest of the time I was EM I didn't do it again and in fear of suffering worse consequences, I wouldn't do it again.

What made you interested in applying for Staff?( 100 word minimum):

I want to assist in the growing of this server and I thought "what better way to do that than making sure it's run smoothly?" So that brings me here. I've always loved to help where I can. On gmod, on discord, on social VR meetups, the occasional Minecraft server. It just lets everyone else have a good time and not need to worry about minges or disrespect and allow them to focus on just having fun where they can. It is indeed a noble role to fill and I would like to be given the chance to do my part for the community.
Not open for further replies.