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May 27, 2021
Star Wars Kingdoms RP Rules
Rule list made by Golden
1. Fully fledged alliances will not be allowed until Friday MAR 10th 2023. Trade agreements are fine but this is early into the war no one should trust anyone enough to want to help each other with their forces. ESPECIALLY Samurai and Knight alliances, knights conquered them they have no reason to trust or like us at all.

2. A reminder that the respawn timer is a thing, we have to wait 2 minutes before returning to battle after dying to keep things fair in fights so it’s not just constant contesting of points.

3. Unless a specific alliance has been made, factions cannot help one another during war time (whether it be attacking or defending) against another faction. Cease fires are fine but you MAY NOT HELP the faction against another.

4. Lords can only be killed DURING WAR TIME and it must be by a fellow player, each lord will start with 2 lives and once both lives are gone that character is 100% DEAD. This means deaths by NPC’s, or the environment will not count towards the lives. Only player caused deaths.

5. Dueling and tournaments hosted by the leaders of the factions are allowed, as either a way to strengthen bonds or just a way to pass the time.

6. RDM of any kind that is outside war time that has no rp to it ( such as bandits and what not) will be punishable.

7. RDM inside of the castles at any times without proper RP (such as duels, sieges, what have you) is not permitted.

8. Current Army cap is 15 players, go beyond that and they will be PURGED.

9. Sieges can only occur during war time and once a faction before hand has announced the siege in advert. (These can only happen once per 2 days to make sure there’s no spam.)

10. At the beginning every Faction doesn’t trust one another, you can work to help relations but it should be roleplayed as a slow process, while the Samurai can be passive they should never actively look to have an alliance with ANY knights, Samurai should be the last faction wanting to ally.
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