Materasu Application #1


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Feb 10, 2023
Steam Name: Materasun

In-game Name: Youngling Lohjik Statera

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:103064744

Hours played on the server: Playing on the server since 2016. As for before the reset, an approximate ~1400 hours of play time.

Do you have any previous experience moderating servers?: No.

Have you ever been punished on our server? No.

What made you interested in applying for Staff? (100 word minimum):
As a long time community member, I have been enjoying the server and seen the countless amount of players joining on causing havoc or chaos that is just too much for the seriousness level. With my part-time in school and being active with hanging out in discord and partaking in events. I would like to have a more active role in keeping the community enjoyable, and dealing with those who wish to disturb the peace. This community is one of my favorite places to relax and play in the era of the clone wars and enjoy the content with everyone. Instead of being an observer when an incident occurs, I want to be the one helping keep the bad-apples out of our haven.


Staff member
May 15, 2022
Hey, Materasu.

Thank you for your interest in joining our staff team. We are pleased to inform you that your staff application has been accepted!

We believe you possess the dedication and commitment needed to excel in a staff role, along with varying other qualities multiple staff members have also commented on and pointed out.

I would like to invite you to contact me on Discord at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. During the interview, we'll discuss your suitability for the staff position in more detail and explore how you can contribute effectively to our team.

Once again, congratulations on being accepted, and we look forward to potentially welcoming you to our staff team!

Happy roleplaying!
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