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May 28, 2021



James please not to so loud.

Are you alright uncle?

Yes perfectly fine just tired. Now what is up?

I found this!

Oh a snake.... uh where did you find this buddy?

In the garden.

Ok well i'm gonna ring for William and you two are gonna go put this little man back out.

Ok uncle!

oh um...

Its nothing to be concerned about Carson, now what is it?

The Lady Minister's daughter is here to see you.

Of course she is, this should be interesting. Fine take her into the east drawing room I'll be there in a moment.

As you wish my lord.

Carson how long until the staff vacation again?

About 2 weeks my lord.

And everyone's locations and times have been approved?

That is correct my lord.

Thank you Carson.

My lord.

So who's here?

How long have you been behind me?

Just about right after James barged in with a garden snake.

Yes Vinna Dalle, the lady ministers daughter and heir.

That cant be good.

That is correct, normally the only time the lady minister or her daughter ever visits me is when they wish to discuss non-political matters.

Should I do something?

If you want your ears to bleed then stay, normally these things end with an argument and the lady ministers daughter is how do I put this in right? Is a bit of a screecher.

Ha ha, alright well I'm gonna go visit my mother then.

Very well tell her I said hi.


Hmm still not screaming yet, thats new?

Perhaps the two have gotten mad at each other they have lost their voice.

Still should prepare the brandy. 

God that kid is difficult.

Oh why's that?

First he brings a snake in the palace and shows it to his lordship then I have to get walk him out to put it back.


He then moves to grab an even larger snake and I spend the last hour chasing him back inside.

Sounds like his lordship when he was younger.

Lady Vinna is leaving, uh Anna, Daisy grab her spring jacket. William go bring the shuttle around.

Yes Mr.Carson.

So how did it go?

Their screwed.

byfleet 4.jpg

You won him a bantha plush?

Yep, it was hilarious. He is such a poor shot.

Well i'm glad you two had fun. However I want to ask you something.

Go on?

Who is Lady Dangir.

Why do you ask this?

Because of todays news.

Oh god, this is um a story but Lady Dangir is me.


Fake name,fake estate, fake staff.

And you dont think it wont come back to bit you in the ass?

Who knows.


Thank god your here.

Whats the matter, you pressed the emergency button?

We've been had.

How it was only an article.

I'm afraid that isnt it, Lady Vinna wishes to speak to Lady Dangir on Resya in two days. We are so screwed.

But I dont know anything about this kind of stuff, please tell me you said no!

I told her to send a message to your butler. 

And did she?

No she sent it to Carson, What are we gonna do?

Well then we have her over to the place you bought be for dinner.

Or we will just have to admit defeat.

Why, come on Carson is a good butler and we can have miss.patmore come with us to make the food.

We cant use Carson he would be recognized.... I'll think of something dont worry.

Ok please find something, I would like to be able to keep going out with you and not have to hide my head.

For now I'm gonna send you MIss.Patmore Daisy and some of the new footmen. With any luck we can keep up appearances until they leave.

View attachment 908

This is such a bad idea, theres no way this is gonna work. William are they here yet?

They are pulling up now madam.

"Good, I still dont know what I'm gonna say about there being no butler."

Lady Dangir, we meet atlast.

Lady Vinna it is a pleasure to welcome you.

Hmm not butler, I would have expected someone of your status to have one.

Yes well I.. um...

Apologies, The delievery boy ran late my lady.

[what the hell!]

Oh so you do have one, very good. Shall we come in?

Yes please come in Mr.Onger show them to the dinning room.

Certainly my lady. Please follow me.

A bit tall for a butler dont you think Lady Dangir?

I disagree Lady Vina I find it quite handsome.

I suppose you would see it that way for a Resyan.


I must say  what a lovely quaint room.

Yes it is very nice please sit.

Lunch my lady?

No need Mr.Onger I will only here shortly, perhaps some tea is in order.

Certainly, If her ladyship agrees with it?

That will be well Mr.Onger.

Righty onto business then.


They want tea?

Apparently so, god I feel aweful she is way out of her match in this. 

My lord, I think it is good that you decided on this movement.

Lets just hope so, thank you Miss.Patmore. Now lets get that tea ready before I hear screaming.

*back upsatirs*

I wont beat about the bush Lady Dangir. What exactly are your intentions with The Lord Admiral?

Excuse me, I am unaware how this would be of your interest?

As expected from a Resyan. You see Lady Dangir, his lordship since the age of 21 has refused any proposal for a match. What I and my mother wish to know are what is the intention of recent events pertaining to you two.

Yes well I...

Your tea my lady.

Thank you Mr.Onger, now where was I. Yes me and his lordship the lord admiral do have intentions with eachother.

So you two have been seeing eachother?

Yes for a few weeks now, We had intended to announce this next month.

[Stop going white Dess your gonna blow this up]

Really it must be difficult seeing the gap between you too.

How so?

Well for start your not much of a looker, and the fact your a wilder *insult for someone from wild space*. I would be suprise if this isnt difficult for you.

Yes well we shall see.

I should go however it is getting dark good day Lady Dangir.

Goodbye Lady Vinna.

*the door closes*

Dont be mad.

I'm not mad, Im furious. I'm going to wash this dye out of my hair, I will see you in a bit.

Ok please hurry.


So what now?

Well the way I see it we have three options, option number one is we continue to go out on these friendly dates and pretend to be a couple and just wait till the houses lose intrest. However this option would require to keep the fact your lady dangir still a secret and keep people from questioning why I haven't put a ring on it at that point. Option number two is we deny it and I have a stern talking with the lady minister about staying out of my business. however this of course would make me say your a liar and would also mean no more outings together.

And the third?

The third option is we simply disguise ourselves when we go out and we dont mention this lady dangir thing ever again. I can have Carson get some washable hair dye and with enough makeup I can cover the markings around my eyes.

But I like that birth mark!

Well its too distingushible in a crowd. But still what do you want to do.

Me? why me.

Because this mainly effects you, I've already been engaged four times anytime they hear me with some women they take it with a grain of salt. But you are fresh and because of that it will be more damming.

Then option three is best. I liked this though.

Really now, liked me as the servant and you the master?

Stop it Dess, you know thats not how it is.

I know im just teasing you. Now what to do?

Should we return to Kuat?

Yes I we will tomorrow. We can let the staff we brought rest and you and I can get some sleep.

How many bedrooms does this place have?

Not enough for everyone I'll take the couch.

No I will it's my house.

Very well.

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Aug 2, 2018
Royal Palace , Adam isailovic in 2022 | Fantasy city, Fantasy places, Space  fantasy

Mr.Carson the new secretary is here.
20 minutes late, Send him in William.
You're late.

Apologies Mr.Carson the shuttle had some difficulties in starting.
We won't have time to sit and talk. You will be needed in his lordship's office for tea.
You will find that his lordship isn't like your last employer, now your day will start everyday at 7 sharp, his lordship will already have been awake for a long time at this point. You are expected to be in the west wing office by 8. Now his lordship will ask for his boxes. They will be brought up by elevator so grab them as soon as you enter. Typically he will have you in there for no more than 30 minutes. He will ask you a number of questions normally pertaining to the weather and politics. Please come through here.
Then what?
His lordship prefers to be left alone when he is working only to be distrubed by Miss.Pavan, Between 8:30 and 11 you will be free for the time however it should be told that on occasion his lordship will require your presence, normally not for long he simply wishes for someone else opinion or needs to have an appointment scheduled or changed he never cancels them even when deadly ill.
And what's at 11?
At eleven his lordship will be having his lunch and you will be heading to the visiting locations to prepare the area. You did this in your past employment so you know the basics, his lordship eats light and fast for lunch so he will be there by 11:30 at the latest however he will notify you if he is getting there early. His lordship every day will go to one of the towns and cities in his territories and do whatever is.needed, this can range from acting as a judge to helping raise a new barn. Go into this room here and wait a moment his lordship is busy.
His lordship sounds like he is constantly on the move?

Not quite, you will return to the palace by noon and prepare his lordships afternoon papers; these are typically ones that pertain to diplomatic matters as well as any documents pertaining to the burst link. Speaking of which at this time you will answer any responses from the burst link between this time. His lordship will return between 3 and 5 and will either A attend dinner or B return to his office. You will have between 3 and 8 for free time. Should he require you, you will be notified. His lordship works late into the night, 11,12 even one in the morning. You at 9 will enter his lordship's office and take any papers he has and any request. After this his lordship will not request you; he hates to be a bother so late in the night. Then this process repeats again the next day.
Very well.
His lordship will see you now.
Your lordship.
Ah good you're here, I heard about the shuttle problems I do apologize.
There is no worries my lord.
Well onto business then I would offer you some tea but im afraid its gone cold now. Now I was surprised when I first saw your application for the job.
Because of the Lady Minister?
Yes, well then I thought if anyone can manage to deal with that old bat then they deserve a bit more of a calm position.
I am surprised by the amount of free time I am given, when I worked for her ladyship she only gave me an hour everyday.
Yes you will find that I am a bit more relaxed at what I do. The good news is today you will have more free time, I am not heading out as I have too much work here to do and I am seeing Miss.Pavan for tea so I will be out there for hours.
Very good your lordship.
Yes, we'll take your time and don't worry about coming here later tonight.
May I ask a question my lord?
You may.
Why is your lordship going out to tea with miss.pavan?
Oh right I apologize, I call the miss.pavan you know by her first name and I call her mother Miss.Pavan. Apparently she has a whole list of things planned for us to do today so I shouldn't keep her waiting anymore or I’ll get an earful when I get there.
Very good my lord.
*several hours later*
God I am too tired, Hours and hours of training I feel like my arms are about to fall off.
I see what you mean, perhaps you should take a couple days off, you've been seeming awfully tired as of late.
No I’m fine Anna and besides If I was Dess would have already put me into a bed and handcuffed me to it so I couldn't get up.
Speaking of his lordship he comes here now. Your lordship.
You seem worse for wear?
I don't know how your mother is able to keep up with this at her age. I feel like I've been cashing a bantha for the last 6 hours. How have things been for you?
I’m fine just a bit sore from training.But at least now I can sit and have din-
Oh great heavens I forgot about the dinner!
Anna, can you have Carson send up a footman to help me into a dinner outfit?
What are you in such a rush about?
I forgot I was hosting the ambassador to Kuat from Mandalore for dinner tonight, I need to change, he is gonna be here within the hour.
Should I join as well?
If you want if not I don't mind. I was hoping to have dinner with you anyways. Have you seen James by the way?
No, I've been at the training grounds all day.
Very well I’ll let you go. I will speak to you later.
ArtStation - Fantasy office

Yes I’m afraid your first couple days working for me will be there.
It is no problem my lord.
Please make sure that me and Elena are in separate but conjoining rooms, and that we are to depart Friday morning. I want to be back here before lunch that day so I can help the people of Avin with the new farm lands.
Very good my lord.
James be careful you almost knocked over Mr.Lascelles.
Sorry Uncle.
Don't say sorry to me, say sorry to him.
Sorry Mr.Lascelles.
I do apologize to my lord he managed to slip past me.
It's not a worry Carson. Now please all of you leave, James we'll talk later.
What about me can I stay?
Of course you can, I was planning on running out to find you anyways.
Oh you were? I was just about to go to bed. What's the matter?
Back your bags sweetheart were going to Mandalore.
For the last couple months Mandalore has been trying to get Kuat to open up new trade routes to help their economy stay afloat. It was almost successful until Operations Durge’s Lance started and the company bailed out to protect our core assets.

So were we going for what?
The Duchess has invited me to a state dinner. Alan is going there tomorrow and we will be going the next day.
Sounds interesting, and there isn't any other reason?
No, why would there be?
Alright then explain this note.
Oh right that, well we're going there I might as well see if my brother has gotten to doing what I told him to do.
I'll get the popcorn.
Very funny-ow.
What's wrong?
This pain in my neck, I swear next time I spend the afternoon with your mother you're coming with me.
Here let me help.
What are you doing?
Neck Massage.
Oh thank you, oh what would I do without you.
You would be fine.
Heh I don't think I would be to be quite honest.Now I should keep you here any longer goodnight.


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Aug 2, 2018
Do you know the Duchess well?
Eh a little bit, We were allies in the commonwealth. But then the clone wars began and we split on our views. She is stubborn but a good leader and we used to talk often.
How often?
About every week or so why?
It's nothing. You look nice by the way.
Thank you, I am happy you went along with me on this. We will be attending this state dinner then we will split up. I will be speaking to the duchess.
And me?
I’m not sure perhaps you can take a tour of the palace.
Ok well come find me when you're done.
The Lord Admiral of Kuat Dessimus Regno and Commander Elena Pavan
Duchess Kryze.
Lord Admiral, how wonderful to see you again. Care to join us?
No thank you your highness I ate on the way to Mandalore.
So shall we sit and discuss.we should get onto the main business.We need these trade routes.
Look Satine, I would love to open up these routes and ensure that neutral systems can maintain their economies during this war but Kuat doesn't have the means to protect every route. Half of the defense fleet is busy defending the core worlds against the seperatist offensive. At best we can cover trade routes to protect convoys up until we reach the end of the inner rim but that's it we can’t risk sending out any more ships than this line.
But you and Kuat Drive Yards had agreed to protect the entire trade route between Kuat and Mandalore.
That was before operations durge’s lance. Have you gotten any other house’s support?
No not yet.
Look I can't guarantee that this will happen, but I will speak to the other houses and try to at least get some sort of deal but Kuat will not guard any convoys beyond the inner rim.
Thank you lord admiral.
It is of no issue.
I heard you recently got a new private secretary.
I did, was he a problem?
Not at all. If there is nothing else you wish to discuss?
There is one more thing I want to discuss?
I can guess what that is.
Where are they living and how has my sister in law been doing?


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Aug 2, 2018


Can I get you anything else?
No thank you Lady Dangir-
Please call me Ceilia. So his lordship is here too?
Yeah a state visit. All I can imagine now is how Vero is gonna react once he gets back.
Knowing him we will faint, but that's what I love about him. He is such an emotional person.
Ah see that's the thing Dess isn't like that the two of us have lived in the same house for years and I still haven’t seen him cry once.
Trust me Vero has told me all about the two of you.
I wouldn't trust him with that information but-
I’m back honey I got the things you were- what are you doing here!
And there he goes.
*some time later*
God what happened Ceilia,I could have sworn I saw Elena?
Yeah about that, follow me.
Why whatever is the matter. Fuck!
You and I need to talk alone.
Brother this is exciting. I have missed you so much.
Lets go and grab something to eat and let the boys talk.
No wait, don't leave me here!
So how have things been going? Is your mandalore improving?
Yes and you will be glad to know me and Ceilia are now married.
Cut the bull Vero I know you haven’t even proposed yet.
Yes I have.
No you haven’t, If you did you would have sent for the rings.
Fine I haven’t looked like I love her but every time I am going to go and do it I get cold feet.
Vero look, first off I understand how you feel. Second off tomorrow you and Ceilia are returning to Kuat and living in the palace with me. Third off tomorrow I will be summoning you two into my office and have her pick a ring. You know you two can pick any ring but the Sapphire Diamond.
Good now how long is it till I get a new nephew or neice.
A little under a month, 21 days to be exact.
Vero… you seriously lied to me about this.
I’m sorry I didn't want you to be more upset that this happened before I even told you about her.
You know what it’s fine, to be honest I expected something like this to happen from you.
Hey I am not that bad!
Oh yes you are! Have you figured out the gender, wait no don't tell me I want to be surprised when the time comes. Of course it will be before the wedding so that will be good to get them in a little dress or suit.
Wait, so you're saying that?
Yes I am saying what you believe. I would rather prefer the two of you to be happy than me having an heir. Now I need to be going me and Elena leaves in the morning, I’ll have Tommy stay here to help you pack and get back.


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Aug 2, 2018

So how did it go?
It went fine, I honestly think I was too hard on them. I was selfish and only thought of solving my problem.
Yeah you were, but now it's mostly solved.
Well there still needs to be a birth and wedding.When do you think that will happen?
Ah I don't know, with the staff going on vacation next week we can’t have it for 3 months. Ultimately it's up to my brother now which is um you know what i'm not gonna say anything.
I think they're really sweet, a good marriage like your parents had.
My parents didn't have a good marriage.
But every document says that the two had a good and happy love.
Ah it made it, my parents weren’t in love or at least not in that sense. They loved other people, but stayed together because of how beneficial the marriage was. To be very honest, Vero was not planned. I was supposed to be their only child to fulfill the contract and the two could get on with their lives and see others. I like to think my parents respected each other and were good friends but not lovers. When my dad died I didn’t see my mother often, she was a good mother but was very sick most of the time and would spend most of her time getting treatments on Alderaan. So no, I hope they and I don't end up like my parents. I sometimes wonder how things would have gone differently if my parents loved each other or if my dad didn't die while I was so young perhaps I….
You're crying? You never cry ever.
It appears I am, huh I guess you finally broke down the barrier. Good job, now I am going to take a bath and go to bed.
Do you mind if I sleep in here tonight?
No I don't mind why are you worried about me now that I shed some tears?
That and my room is too warm and this room is nice and cold. I'll take the couch.
No you take the bed, I’ll take the couch.


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Aug 2, 2018

It is good to be back
How was mandalore?
Eh It was alright, I have to now convince the other houses to agree to a trade deal but it was fun nonetheless, I did cry though.
Wait what?
Yeah, the first time I've cried in nearly six years. Where's Duram?
In his room meditating like normal.
Thanks Lipiah, lets see do me a favor and have Owl bring me the reports for today so I can go over them.
*knock knock*
Your back, good how was mandalore.
It's a long story I'll tell over dinner later.
Ok then. You seem unsettled?
No, just a lot on my mind at this moment.
Yes I can feel exactly what you're speaking of.
Ok first off, get out of my head. Second off I have a gift!
A gift? How interesting.
Yes, well if you remember right, a few weeks ago you asked me if I would ever go to Mandalore to see if I could get you some beskar.
Yes I remember this.
Well here ya go, it's only five bars but they were a gift from the Duchess.
You managed to get a mandalorian to give up beskar to an outsider?
She owed me a couple favors and I cashed them in, besides she wants me on her side to try to get trade with Kuat so I might as well.
Thank you very much for this.
I’ll leave you to your meditation.
*2 weeks later*
The next shipment of supplies is arriving within the week and all system checks have come back and so far besides some minor cracks in the pipes the ship is running well.
Good good, uh get the pipes replaced charge it to my account
I'll be gone for about 2 weeks and then I'll be here again for a bit, this may change or it may not. If you all need anything you know how to contact me.

Your flying without a pilot?
Oh good heaven no, If I fly it will be more of crashing with power than landing. I got a droid to fly the shuttle now if you will allow me I must be going.

Where's Uncle Dess?
He’ll be here soon; his shuttle is probably arriving late.
Anything I can get you?
No Carson thank you, shouldn’t you be on a ship back to Coruscant by now?
The butler always waits till his lordship returns and besides this vacation me and are going to a vacation house on Dac.
How exciting. And here he comes now.
I am so sorry I’m late, the shuttle broke down in Chowsten and we had to wait for the port to send a replacement.
No problem my lord.
Carson, have a good vacation. I will see you all in four months.
If I am needed I will come straight away my lord.
You know I won't call.
Yes my lord.
So 4 months of no staff huh.
So how do you suppose we clean this entire palace in those four months?
That's the issue I am having. Let's all go in before the sun goes down and we can talk.


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Aug 2, 2018

So now that the staff are on their vacation we need to find a place to live in that is smaller for the 6 of us.
Vero’s staff takes their vacation at the same time. So it will be you,me,James,Vero,lady Dangir and their child whatever its name and gender is.
Well where do you normally go?
Don't you know?
Don't you remember that until last year I would also take these long vacations and spend it in a little cottage in the woods you bought me.
Oh yeah I forgot about that cottage, how is it going?
I sold it earlier this year, I didn't really have a use for it after I moved into the palace.
Well to your original question, normally I would stay in Hoffstead Cottage. Of course that isn't a solution now.
Well why not?
I wouldn't want to be a bother to your mother. Perhaps an apartment in Kuat City or maybe I can ask to stay with the Lady Doctor for a time. Her children like me so they probably wouldn’t…
I’m calling my mother.
No no that isn't needed we can just…
Not another word out of ya- Hello mama?
Elena what a surprise, How are things up at the palace.
They're going well, can I ask you a question?
Of course you can honey, let me just put down dinner. Ok so what's the question?
The palace staff are going on vacation for four months and we are moving out of the palace for the time being…
Yes of course you can come live here for the time being.
Thank you mama, Dess didn't want to be bothered.
You three would never be a bother.
It's gonna be six of us.
Six? That should be fine honey. I will see you in how long?
We're packing up tonight and leaving in the morning around noon.
Oh good I will have lunch ready by then goodbye dear.
You really are stubborn aren’t you.
Well sorry but I would rather have a place we know then you stress about finding a new place, and besides you like my mother.
Yeah she is a good friend and makes a mean dish. Don't tell miss.patmore I said that she’ll throw such a fit.
Who was it on the phone?
Elena, she and a couple others are moving into the cottage while the palace staff are on vacation.
Huh, I bet his lordship hated that idea.
Do you think so?
He wouldn’t want to be a bother to you.
Maybe you're right now to eat dinner and get to packing or else you’ll miss your ship tomorrow.
Before we do how much do you want to bet his lordship will be stuck all day in the office.
Right I forgot about that,hmmm before you pack can you help me with some changes.
What are you planning?
A little getaway from his lordship that's all now eat.


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May 28, 2021
*the next day*
Are you sure we can't just go find an apartment?
No, we're gonna stay here.
*knock knock*
Oh you're here, come in, I have lunch on the table waiting.
It's good to see you mama.
Miss.Pavan thank you very much.
It's no problem especially for my daughter. Now freshen up and come eat.
I’m afraid I'm gonna have to skip lunch. I have some work to do in the office.
There he goes again, James unpack and come to eat.
He brought his work?
What do you think is in most of those suitcases in the shuttle?
*door opens*
What did you do?

What happened to the office?
I turned into a nursery.
You did what!
Every good house needs one.
Well I suppose I can just use the side table in the bedrooms.
Get down here, wash your face and eat!
Well I suppose I could eat. Actually that will be helpful for when Vero comes in a month.
Good now the both of you wash up.
Mama, did you do this last night?
Yes I did, Elena you know that he works far too much it's gonna make him sick. So I took action against it.
Yeah I know but there isn't anything you can do, he doesn't trust anyone else to do it. He could give it to underlings to do the work but he is terrified that things will go wrong. So don't be surprised when you catch him working on it at the kitchen table.
Well see about that.
*The Next Day*

Come on all of you, it's already nine in the morning.
Good morning mama.
Morning Miss.Pavan
Well look who finally got some actual sleep. You look much better now.
Yes well that wont happen again I have to be in the nearby towns all day today.
Nope no you're not.
What do you mean I'm not, I have to.
My lord if I can speak freely.
You can this is your house. And please call me Dess.
Fine, Dess you work far too much. Elena tells me you barely get 5 hours on a good day and normally only get 3-4. This isn't good, you need rest. Which is why I gave your week to those who can do the work and do it well. While you're in my house there is one rule for you. You are not allowed to work on your vacation and you're going to like it. Understood?
Yes Miss.Pavan
Good now come in you two. I have breakfast ready and if we wait any longer James is gonna start eating his arm.
Let's go already!
Were children always as hyper as he is?
He was like you when you were younger. Every time you two spent together it took me,your mother and Mr.Carson to drag you back to the palace. You two were so cute when you were little.
Mom, stop please.
Perhaps we need to find something James can do to get out this energy. Speaking of which, we need to go today.
Where are we going?
We're going to the royal academy that I went to and see if you like it.
Ok. Do I have to go there?
No, you can go to any academy you like anywhere.
What about me?
You can come along if you like. What about you Miss.pavan?
I have a meeting today.
Really with who?
Me and Mosely plan to set up a clothing business together, he knows business and I know how to make clothings.
How interesting. Oh look at the time come on James I need to grab some things before we go.
Coming uncle.