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May 28, 2021


Name:Hysio Vondin
Date of Birth:11/03/47
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Blue
Affilations:Grand Navy of the Republic
Current Station:R.A.S Burst Link-Venator class
Past stations: R.A.S Diplomat-Consular Class between 28-25bby,R.A.S Tempest-Dreadnought class between 25-20bby

Biological Information:

Born more than a decade and a half before the Naboo Crisis and into a well off family the only born son to a politician and a member of the republic judicial force most of Lieutenant Vondin’s childhood was spent in relative peace, this would of course change during the Naboo Crisis. At the time the then 15 year old teenager was offworld visiting relatives on a trade mission with his mother when they were informed his father died during the liberation of Theed. At this point, as admitted by Lieutenant Vondin during his interviews, the death of his father made him commit to a career in the judicial forces rather than a political career.

For the next few years the Lieutenant would continue to attend schooling focusing on politics,the arts and nature.Following the completion of his education he would sign up to join the judicial forces in 29bby being assigned the command of a Consular Class and the rank MCPO. The Diplomat would mostly keep order along trade routes in the Chommell Sector, allowing him to continue being involved with local politics, becoming a staunch supporter of the chancellor’s party in the area. In 25bby the at the time Chief Warrant Officer Vondin would be reassigned to the Tempest, a Dreadnought Class Heavy Cruiser deployed in the D’Astan Sector. However, following the start of the separatist crisis the Tempest would be reassigned to Rendili until the end of the crisis. During this time Chief Warrant Officer Vondin would marry longtime 2nd in command Elizabeth Tillo a native of Pantora.

The Tempest would continue to provide troop transport and convoy escort between the core and the mid and outer rim until the Tempest would be crippled during the battle of Duro.While the Tempest survived the battle republic command deemed it too damaged to repair the ship and scraped her after the battle. Due to the Lieutenants actions during the battle which saved lives of several hundreds men the then Ensign was promoted to Lieutenant and was temporarily assigned again to Rendili to await a reassignment. Eventually the Lieutenant would be assigned to the Burst Link following the loss of its commanding officer.

The Lieutenant would develop a few things during his time before and during the clone wars. Mainly an expertise for law,politics and pirate hunting and a deep hatred for neimoidians. It is advised that the Lieutenant is not to be on any mission involving the invasion of Cato Neimoidia. The Lieutenant hopes to turn his naval career into a political career, continuing to participate in several political debates during his time in the judicial forces. The Lieutenant will be a good fit for the burst links odd abilities.

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