Staff application - chris


New Member
Nov 18, 2022
Steam Name: kill 21

In-game Name: Knight Chris Bob

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:46583380

Hours played on the server: 03w 5d 09h 07m 41s

Do you have any previous experience moderating servers?: Yes.
-I have been a Administrator of WiredRP,
-A Senior Moderator on Crescents Networks

Have you ever been punished on our server? If so, what were you punished for?:

What made you interested in applying for Staff? (100 word minimum):
I like to help other gamers in the game community to make sure that they enjoy the game as much as I do.
And I want to make sure that players know the rules of the server and if a rule is broken, depending on how it was broken,
help them to find a solution so that it doesn't happen again but that they understand that there is somebody listening to them,
that they can talk to me and or the higher ups about it so we can resolve the issue and prevent stuff from happening next time in the future.
I want them to stay on the server and enjoy the game and know, that a staff member will listen to them with their concerns, make sure everybody has the greatest game experience on this server.
I get along good pretty much with everybody and can spent the afternoons and the weekends on the server, in the mornings I have to work.