The 833rd Crimson Corps Information/History


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Aug 4, 2021

Hello, I am Marshal Commander Reman of the 833rd. I founded the unit that was used as the framework and foundation of this Corps. As of recent I've decided to make my personal log open to any Republic Military Personnel. It will serve as a history lesson and provide newer recruits valuable information on the 833rd.

Just Another Day on Kamino...Or Not?​

It was another day on Kamino...we were running drills like any other day. Not all that long ago a man in robes visited...that was the first outsider Id seen...word spread around about this. Things were changing, we all figured as much...but we weren't prepared for what was coming...​

Screenshot (523).png
"Lieutenant 1147, hurry up and finish your meal. The Platoons Citadel Times were rescheduled and its your squads turn. You've got 30 minutes, any questions?"

"No Sir, my Sergeant and I will get the men re-"

"Sir, weren't we scheduled for the Citadel tomorrow? What caused the change?"

"Well SGT 5423 it has to do w-

"Sir I have to protest, were still sore from the SIM this morning. I think the squa-"

"Enough you two. Captain, we'll be moving to the armory and then the Citadel momentarily."

"Good, the Commander and I will see you then. One last thing though, make sure your Medic CT 1293 brings some extra Bacta. We're turning up the difficulty and this time around things may sting for more then just a day."

"Oh great...more work for me then...."

A Strange Sighting in the Citadel​

"Lieutenant, you're just on time. The goal of the SIM is to reach the top of the Citadel and retrieve the beacon. Get your squad on the elevator, you start in 3 minutes."

"Understood. 5423, 9090. You're upfront with me. 1164 and 2036 you're in the middle. 1293 and 1142 you'll be in the rear, now get on the elevator. Before we go up I've got just one question Captain, where's the Commander? You said he would be here."
"The Commander was approached by one of the Kaminoans and they rushed off to one of the Hangars. Looked important...though before you ask, No I wasn't given any details."

Screenshot (525).png

Although a difficult SIM it was nothing the squad couldn't handle at the end of the day. Although 1142, though some know him by the name Gary, got a pretty good bruise from one of those training droids.​

"9090 draw that turrets fire! 1164 take out that gunner while its distracted! 1142 get off your a-...Hey Lieutenant! The Commanders here, and hes still with that Grey Skin and...what the hell is that?"

Well whatever it is Im sure the Kaminoans would love to show us AFTER the SIM, keep your focus on what's in front of you!" *Hmmm odd...whatevers with them is short Are the Kaminoans testing out some new...animal? Child?..Whatever...*

*Sirens Blare*

*Comms are turned off for all troopers, leaving the Commanders and Captains dishing out orders*



"What the..."

"So what...I get shot and we aren't even allowed to finish the SIM..."

"1147 What's happening? Does this mean..."

"Alright boys! Its time! We've been training for this day all our lives, lets go find the Captain!

"Lieutenant! I just got word from the Commander, head to hangar A-01. The full Battalion will be the first to board and first to land! Get your squad there NOW!"

"Any Idea where they're sending us?"

"Negative, Im not even sure if the Commander knows...but that doesnt matter. We've all trained for this day and I dont know about you but Im itching to get off of these floating platforms."

"Agreed Sir!"

*On the March to the Hangar*

" you think we're ready for this?"

"Now isnt the time for doubt, if anyone here needs a clear head its you. Afterall you're the one with the Bacta."

"1293 makes a good point...I just took a shot in the SIM...if that were a live round...."

"We're ready."

"How do you know? Did you even hear 1142! If we used live rou-"

"We're ready 9090. Take that as a fact and leave it at that....We're here. Form up near the North Wall, looks like our platoon is the last to board the first few LAATs."

Screenshot (526).png
Screenshot (527).png
Screenshot (470).png

Screenshot (528).png

All Units! The time has come! Begin Boarding Procedures! Lets get this job done right!

Screenshot (529).png

More will be added soon, this serves as just an intro to the primary members of the Original Crimson Company​