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Jul 6, 2022
The pale skinned man, with two eyes on the side of his head. Stood before the colossal chamber in front of him. He looked around him and saw architecture that struck within him the most awe struck feeling of beauty, but also of pure dread. Statues made of grayest stones, that irradiated the feelings of tragedy and sadness, throughout the will. He could feel it…those statues…pitied him. He knew he did not deserve such pity, as he felt the shackles, made out of metal forged in the heart of a neutron star, wrapped tightly around his hands, and feet. The cold metal dug into his pale flesh, as the Dark Gray Machines, marched him forwards, closer and closer…to those who will judge upon his very existence. With every step, the forms of his Judges became more and more clear. Primordial in all aspects, the Judges' full forms were concealed in robes of Gold. Though still some aspects of their elder and alien physiology could be made out. The Dozen tendrils made of pure star matter, jutted from their backs. The writhing of the limbs beneath the robes which almost seemed like a disgusting symphony of a thousand million worms which danced to an unfathomable hymnal. Its face was covered up with a mask of gold though the mask and robe did not cover the many ringed skulls which made up the beings head. These rings were of purest white and covered in dozens of eyes which locked with his, and gave off the sense of divine wrath, which was surely to pour upon his head. Around them an aura of both light and darkness pervaded the creature, this aura, was of the Will itself…that unknowable thing, which he…no his species believed they could tame, these aliens…were surrounded by it, molded by it and it weaved itself through every unseeable eldritch limb. These were the Cardinals…these were to be his judges, they would be the ones that would judge his crime, his sin…of the creation of the Devil, and its unleashment upon the galaxy.

The first of the Judgemental procession, would loom its colossal form over the man. Its body would move like the mixture of a worm and a tidal wave. It stretched across the room, and it soon filled the man's entire vision, as it looked down upon him. The man's heart, slumped into his chest. He could see the beings glare…and it was one of pure, unfiltered…disappointment. Not of hate, not of rage, not of even malice, which he almost preferred. But the feeling of disappointment rocked him to his core, and for the first time in the man's life, he wept. Tears fell from his face, for he had sinned greatly. He stared at the creature, and the creature stare back, its eyes connecting with his. “Rakatan…Creator of The Devil…progenitor of The Beast…you have committed sins gravely, against The Galaxy…Against The Will…and against your fellow creature…how do you plead?” The being asked the Rakatan…it already knew the answer. But it seemed that the creature wanted it to be stated publicly, for an acknowledgement to be made. “I plead guilty…for I have sinned greatly…” the Rakatan stated, as his first Judge, stared down, and then shifted back, its hideous but beautiful form writhing and shifting back with its other eldritch brethern.

The Creatures spoke amongst themselves, in a language, which resembled a powerful hymn and of beautiful instruments. Then they turned towards the man once more and locked eyes with him. “You have sinned greatly…your race has sinned greatly. Your rightful destruction would only be correct.” the first creature spoke. The Rakatans heart ran icecold…no, they wouldn’t do this to his entire species, for his sins! “But…it is not of the Mantle Of Light, to do such an action…thus we will bare your races sins…the Cardinals, shall take the Rakatans place, we will sacrifice ourselves, and we will bring The Devil down into the depths of tartarus and then hopefully back to the light…we will wipe the Galaxy of any knowledge that we ever existed, of our creations and miracles…of our wonders. In our place Your race will thrive and grow…but know one day, your glory will collapse.” The other of the beings spoke. The Rakatan felt shocked…why??, had his race not committed grave sin, had they not tasked him to create the Devil?. “But…you…you will not escape Justice…you will be punished, but it will not be your destruction…at least in a complete sense…you will be stripped of your biological form, and your presence within the Will, shall be annihilated…but your consciousness, shall stay…you will be a conscious, without soul or body, forced to wander this galaxy, until the very end of time itself, a punishment for your sins.” A third one amongst the beings spoke, delivering the Rakatans fate. His heart felt heavy…his legs weak…but, he knew in his heart of hearts, this sentence was only proper. Thus he was led away, towards a monolithic statue like sarcophagus, which was open for him to step into, thus the Rakatan stepped in…and his body and soul were purged forever…